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On November 17, 2019
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Artery Damage & Calcium Buildup Greatly Diminishes in this Vitamin K2 Review. K2 & D3 work in Unison.

Vitamin K2
Vitamin K2

Scott Beattie Medical Researcher  by Scott Beattie

Vitamin K2 is one we ignore and some Doctors have no idea what it is.  I know. I’ve asked.  They go Blank.  Vitamin K2 is a Carrier of Calcium that it receives from Vitamin D3.
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What is Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 lowers Cardiovascular Damage of the Arterial and Vein walls.  It prevents Calcium from forming inside the walls of blood vessels and Arteries.   Vitamin K2 Activates a Protein for proper Blood Clotting slowing possible hemorrhaging or bleeding.

However !  In this Vitamin K2 Review Our Main Focus is Vitamin K2’s Benefit in Binding Calcium to the bones.  Deficiency in it gives Vitamin D3 no alternative but to splash Calcium all over the walls of Arteries and Veins.  So, K2 is a Key Player in Reversing Heart Disease Naturally when used Together with Vitamin D3. 

  The Body can absorb many times more K2 in the form of M-7 which you will see in some Health food or Vitamin stores.

Who is Vitamin K2 For 

Anyone wishing to protect oneself from Calcium buildup in the Veins and Arteries or seeking proper blood clotting advantages.

How to Take Vitamin K2

As Directed for General Health with 1 capsule daily containing 120 Mcg for General Use.  The one Pictured is Strong at 600 mcg and more for Heart Patients.  It Can go up to 600 mcg’s of M-4 & M-7 as Pictured here with the Innovix Brand at Full Spectrum.  It also can take more than 1 capsule for Heart and Arterial Health or as directed and consult a Health Care Professional.

When To Use Vitamin K2

With Meals and a Full Glass of water.  Preferably once in the morning 100-120 mcg. Take another in the Evening if Arterial Health is not so good.  Seek a Health Care Professional if Needed.  

The Vitamin K2 Review

It can be found in Fermented foods such as the Natto bean which is a Japanese Soy Bean.  Highest in concentration and good for Vegetarians & Vegans.  Other foods are in animal form that may be bad for you especially Heart-Healthy Conscious people.        Vitamin K2 is an extremely useful Nutrient to rid oneself of Cardiovascular Calcium Buildup. Heart Healthy people should be very attentive to this super Nutritionally Effective Vitamin.

Vitamin K2 Pros

Cleanses Arteries and Veins from Calcium.

Vitamin K2 Cons

Dependent upon Vitamin D3 Or (if needed) possibly a Calcium Vitamin.

My Conclusion of Vitamin K2

A Super Multi-faceted Vitamin taking care of Clotting And also Removing Calcium Buildup. A little known but Highly needed Nutrient, especially for Heart and Artery Health.   

Here You can Order One to Your Home.

Vitamin K2

Here is an Explaination of What Vitamin K2 is and Does.


Artery Damage & Calcium Buildup Greatly Diminishes in this Vitamin K2 Review. K2 & D3 work in Unison.

Vitamin K2




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  • Removes Plaque in Arteries


  • Must be Used with Vitamin D3

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