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HEALTHY EATINGTalking about Heart Disease, Enlarged Prostate, Immunity Boosters, and Cancer Remedies with Plant Based Nutrition Researched from Doctors and Real Life Personal Experiences – Just Eat Right !

Your looking for solutions to possibly cure this heart disease, right ?  Well, let’s cut through all the hype and chatter and get to what you want.  That is information that helps You !  To possibly Reverse Heart Disease Naturally with a plant based food diet.  Let food be Your Medicine. Arteries before and after five months on a minimally-processed whole foods plant-based diet. Read Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn M.D. Clearing Your Arteries is a Matter of “What You Eat”.  Here is a before and after picture of Eating Habit Changes.  The before is an extreme high % Blockage and After Totally clear and running Marathons.  It happens folks and is proven time and time again with Strict, Proper Eating and Vitamin Supplement Lifestyle Changes.

Hi this is Scott the Medical Researcher ! I love the Sciences of all types and specifically though, the Medical Field. I’m what you call a  Medical Researcher of Cardiovascular and Food Health. My Goal and aim is to Educate you in  Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease with Food.  Finding  for You Valuable Life-Saving Information Greatly Reducing or even Stopping Heart Disease caused by Calcium buildup in the Arteries and Veins.  You Can Reverse clogged arteries Naturally.

There are other bodily Organ ailment Cures that I cover also, from Prostate and Cholesterol to Cancer.  Food is our Main Topic with Vitamins and Supplements to help Cure these difficulties.

Scotty and Max
Scotty and Max

I seek knowledge through Hundreds of Expert Doctor Articles.  Also, individuals who have studied the remedies and cleared their own arteries through proper diet and the right food.

Doctors Specializing in Nutrition means You have Life-Giving Relief in Reversing Heart Disease Naturally.  Doctors of Nutrition are Our Healers in cardiovascular Heart Repair.  Listening to these Medical Experts showing us the very Core of Answers through the “Right Foods”, Vitamins & Supplements will Make or Break Life-Threatening Heart and Artery Issues.

A good Heart Site is basically a Good Foods Site.  For it is Food that determines your eliminating Heart pain(Angina).  It is Food that determines the possibility of calcium collecting and buildup inside the interior walls of the veins and arteries.  So Food is our Main Topic here if you want to live longer and simply live.  For some the reality is Death with bad decision making.  Here is a chance to make a good decision right now reading this website and Eating Right.

Reversing Calcium Deposits

Eating right can reverse the calcium that deposits in the veins and arteries.  There is a vitamin that can direct the calcium from collecting on the vein and artery walls to it’s proper place in the bones.  This is Vitamin K2 and unfortunately is found in some foods that are bad for us with animal products like beef, goose liver, and to a lesser extent dairy like eggs and milk.  However, Eggs in moderation can be a good source of Nutrition.  Make sure Eggs are Not Farmed Raised but rather Pasture Raised and Free Range.  Both are consumed by France, Japan, & China having the Longest Living People in the World.  Dairy Milks are very bad but Fortunately Oat, Flax, Rice, and Soy are vegetable milks that can be very Nutritional for You !

Fish especially Wild Salmon eat all You want for it is Rich in Omega 3s, Vitamins D, A, E, B6, B12. Fish has healthy,  moderate and good cholesterol.

Fortunately you can get K2 in a supplement or the Natto Bean which is a Japanese Soy Bean having the Highest potency of K2.

Vitamin K2 is used in conjunction with Vitamin D3.  Crucial to properly moving the Calcium traveling through our veins,  K2 carries it to the bones where it belongs.  Think of the Vitamin D3 as the Quarterback and the K2 as the receiver.  Vitamin D3 Collects the Calcium at handoff time and throws the calcium to K2.  Vitamin K2 then runs with the calcium and gets the touchdown every time by crossing the Goal Line which is the bones.  Touchdown !

If Vitamin K2 is low or missing in our bodies then Vitamin D3 has little alternative than to fumble the Calcium that splatters all over the Vein walls.  Thus creating Plaque Buildup that eventually may lead from Chest pain(angina), stroke, heart attack or even death.  That is to say these two vitamins (K2&D3) assist in the change-over lifestyle of being a Vegetarian or better a Plant Based Vegan.


For that alone can also do miracles for us even without the advantage of  cholesterol medicine. As time goes on into the future more and more Doctors are starting to discover what cholesterol actually does !  ‘Mostly’ what cholesterol does is ‘Patch’.   It gathers calcium like a bee collecting pollen.  Then Patches the Damage caused by bad and wrong foods.    Eat Bad then cholesterol tries to repair and Patch the wall interior of the arteries and veins.

Eat Good, then cholesterol needs less repairing.  No patching necessary, therefore No Calcium buildup, Therefore No Heart Disease!

Being a Veganite
       Differences in these two eating Lifestyles is basically the Plant Based Vegan.    We only consume fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, other herbs and a variety of other foods.

I Am Vegan
I Am Vegan

Strictly plant based foods but no dairy, eggs, meat or Oils.  Southern France being the longest living Do consume Olive Oil and Fish.  Here I say DO It Vegans if they live the longest then I would make exceptions Here.

However the body needs vitamin B12 to compensate for the loss of some missed animal protein.  A Vegetarian may select fish, dairy, or eggs.  A strict Vegan will need the B12 Supplement.

Salad for Vegans
Salad for Vegans

 Cardiovascular Disease is used Interchangeably with Heart Healthy choices in your lifestyle. Eating habits Can and Does Prevent and Yes even Reverse and cure many forms of Heart Disease.


Depending on the specific heart disease affecting you will show different signs.  You may start out with Chest Pain(angina) or shortness of breath. Let’s Start with ones Developing in your Blood Vessels (atherosclerosis) or Heart Disease also known as Cardiovascular Disease.

Sometimes the symptoms are different between men and women concerning cardiovascular disease.  Women have nausea,  extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, and possible chest discomfort.  Men have chest pain.

Symptoms May Be:

  1. Pain in the back or upper abdomen
  2. Pain in throat, jaw, or in the neck.
  3. Depending if the blood vessels are narrowed in the legs or arms you can experience Numbness, Weakness, cold or even Pain.
  4. Shortness of Breath.
  5. Chest Tightness or Pain, Chest discomfort or Pressure, Chest Pain (Angina).


Unhealthy Diet is Number One #1 followed by Lack of Exercise, being Overweight and Smoking.  But all are very important and every one of them can cause issues.

Prevention and Cures
       An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure.  So here we will focus on the Prevention to accomplish Great Cures.  My main thoughts will be “What We Consume”!  Have you ever considered

becoming a vegetarian or better yet a Vegan before ?  In most cases it can mean life or death.  Hmmm you mean if I eat or drink some certain foods I die OR if I Eat or Drink these other certain foods then I live and Thrive. Answer → Eventually Yes.

So, I will dive right into a lifestyle change that Really Does Save Lives.  Yes ! You can achieve Eliminating calcium buildup from Cholesterol. Can you Wash and Clean the Plaque Out from the Arteries and Veins  ?   Absolutely !  It can and IS done every day.  I was pleasantly relieved to hear this and I am living proof it works.

Some people with 80 to 90 % or more blockages go on to run marathons just after a few years of this different way of lifestyle of eating.  BUT ! Total Commitment is the order of the day here folks.  And yes a little Self Control and Willpower are also helpful.

Trust Yourself→START !
Trust Yourself→START !

We are going to discuss right away what particular foods and specific beverages Will DO for us in the following Pages.

What We CAN Eat ? And What Does each one DO for You ?

What We CANNOT Eat ?  And What are some Cautions for Each ?

Binging and making random excuses is not very effective. Temptation is a human curse. “I’ll just have One” is a death sentence.  There is such a thing as “The Point of No Return”.  And as we saw.  “I’ll just have One” is that Point.  This alternative lifestyle is a new way of eating and to be effective there is a thing called Total Commitment.  Commit and Live or Not and Die.

Roughly 75% of the total Earth’s Population has Virtually never experienced what Heart Disease really is.  Your ability to Fight Heart Disease and Calcium buildup from Cholesterol ‘Can’ mirror these other cultures and countries.  It IS Possible !♥

Countries with Highest And Lowest Rates of Heart Disease

We will dive right into What the Good eating countries Eat and what the Bad eating countries eat.
Southern France(mediterranean), Japan and China are virtually the Lowest with No Heart Disease, No Cancer and No Diabetes Living well into their 100’s ! If Soy as they claim is bad for you then why does Japan have one of the lowest Heart Diseases in the World ?  And some Doctors look badly upon Fish and Oils.  I say if Southern France(mediterranean) the Longest Living People in the World is consuming them, then GO Ahead. Have them !

Monaco - Longest Living People
Monaco – Longest Living People

The Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians, and Finland eat more fruits and vegetables and consume less dangerous fats Yet More Die in larger numbers than the French.  Why ?  One reason that seems to radiate is the Size and Quantity Consumed per meal.  Small portions are the practices of the day in Japan and France. Embedded in Japanese Culture is what they call “Portion Control.”  It is just done.  Opposite of the Higher incidences in Heart Disease in America and other countries where we eat Tons !  Not good.  More Perish.

Another reason of Low Heart Disease stems from French eating Especially Garlic and Olive Oil(some Doctors say No to oils but if the Southern France area lives longest I would say yes to Olive Oil).  French also eat  lots of Garlic having Extreme magical properties Known to Dilate and Prevent Calcium buildup in the Arteries and Veins.  French also consume Olive Oil having similar properties.  Cardiovascular Disease can be slowed or stopped IF America copies these countries.

Most parts of Australia, Israel, and Switzerland to name a few also have non-existent cases of Heart Disease.

Highest Rates of Heart Disease are the Eastern Europeans  Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Latvia and especially the Ukraine.  Ukrainians eat a lot of Sour Cream, Bacon, and Butter.  No Brainer here folks.

I am trying to guide people to change their eating Lifestyle. Let’s Help the most vulnerable people with calcium buildup in the arteries. There is such a variety of food in the Vegetarian or even Vegan world. This makes it fun to eat differently.  After a time we even Love♥ the new food we eat without all the Extras.  You know the Extras we Don’t need, like butter, sour cream, cheeses, oils etc.  It will Definitely leave you feeling better and Positively Lengthen your life Tremendously!

THE ONLY REAL WAY TO HEAL, Markus Rothkranz Truth about Health

A Natural Healing Treatment Thru Foods, Vitamins, and Supplements Can be achieved !


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How do you feel about these Vitamin and Supplement suggestions ?  Any Thoughts on the Cholesterol Numbers Debate ?  Leave Your Own Personal Review by just leaving a Comment below. Thanks guys.

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