Specific Vitamins to reduce Swelling and Inflammation of an Enlarged Prostate.


Vitamin A→                      ←

    ←Preserves your eyes and protects them from night blindness and age related Declines.  Reduces macular Degeneration by 25%.  The Retinol in it Highly Preserves Skin and repairs Eye cells.
The Beta-Carotene in it serves as an anti-oxidant protecting Cells from damage.  Skin, bones, Heart, Lung, ans Kidneys Benefit.  Recommended Daily Allowance is 900 Mcg.(3,000 IU)  up to 3,000 mcg.(10,000 IU)

Vitamin B

Vitamin B12  Healthline Site: Methylcobalamin VS. Cyanocobalamin.   → Vitamin B12

Vitamin C

Is commonly known for Boosting the Immune System and helps prevent the Common cold and Flu.  65 – 90 mg. is Recommended although most come in 1,000 mg.  They go up to 2,000 but overloading on C is usually Not that harmful.

Vitamin D Sun (best source)
Vitamin D Sun (best source)

Vitamin D3 + K2 Together Unclogs Arteries.

D3 collects Calcium from the Blood and Hands it to K2. Then, K2 Delivers Calcium Properly to the Bones and not the Arteries. 

Vitamin D3

Vitamin E→     ← 

  • Decrease the Risk of Cancer
  • May Prevent Coronary Heart Disease
  • Prevents Inflammation
  • Improves Eye Health
  • Benefits Immune Activity( protects against infections or Toxins)
    Recommended  22 IU(15mg) up to→ 400 IU(266 mg) Natural.
    High doses of E can be Harmful SO take below 400 IU.

Vitamin K2→→                                         ←←Delivers the Calcium given from D3 and Distributes it Correctly to the Bones instead of the Arteries and Veins.
Many links between Low Vitamin D levels and higher risks of Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Prostate Enlargement.  I have a page on Vitamins for Prostate Health.

Vegetables Highest in Vitamin K
Vegetables Highest in Vitamin K

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