How to Shrink the Prostate Naturally

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Scott Beattie Medical Researcher  written by Scott Beattie – Medical Researcher

Learn How to Shrink the Prostate Naturally A Personal Guide to Prostate Health

An Inflamed Swelling of the Prostate is difficult but Very Possible to Deflate.   Your Prostate is also an Extremely Annoying issue among slightly older guys to older guys.  So, we will discuss in detail just how to Shrink the Prostate Naturally for better Prostate Health.  From the constant night-time bathroom trips to the feeling of not being able to even Go.   First, I will explain what the Prostate is and Why it does what it does abnormally holding in that urine.  It can become an interruption to our very Life Style.  Then we will dive right into how we can approach the Natural Prostate Treatment, Possible Cures, and remedies.  Let’s Stop this abnormal enlargement of this organ.  Caution !  Patience.  It takes a while, guys.  Persistence should pay off.

While Your here check out The Best of Supplements for shrinking the Prostate.


Table of Contents:

  1. What is Prostate Enlargement ?
  2. My Progress
  3. 7 Best Foods for Your Prostate Health
  4. The Complete Diet for Your Prostate Health
  5. What’s IN these Best Supplements to Reduce an Inflammed Prostate ?
  6. Best Exercises for Prostate Health
  7. Frequently Asked Question

What and Where is the Prostate ?

The Prostate is a small spongy gland about the size of a Walnut.  Located in between the bottom of the testes the rectum.   Reproduction is a function and it supplies that white Seminal fluid which mixes with the Sperm from the Testes.

What Causes the Prostate to Enlarge ?

Natural Prostate Treatment
Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Spices

  Several Theories and Guesstimates are all I have found.

  1. Change in Sex Hormone Balance past age 50.
  2. A Hormone called DHT increases with age and may cause Prostate Enlargement also baldness.
  3. Lower Testosterone levels and Higher female Estrogen levels happen with age.

What is it Exactly ?

     The term is called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) OR Enlarged Prostate.  It is a Noncancerous Increase in the Size of the Prostate.

  • Frequent Urinations especially at night.  Instead of the Normal Sleeping through the night Freely, We have to Go 2 to 5 times depending on the Severity.
  • Trouble Starting to Urinate or Longer wait times to Begin. 
  • Inability to Go until a Later time.  The Urethra Canal is being Pinched.  So, more Fluid has to build up to break through the Swollen Prostate that is Clamping down on the Pathway for Liquid to Flow.
  • Weak Stream from the normal Full Flow.
Success with Prostate Reduction

     Scott’s Journey starts out with Watching how many night trips to the bathroom.  And, the hourly timing frequency in-between trips.  The Less you go during the night is showing Progress.  Just don’t drink tons of water before Bed. 

 Also, how Strong the Stream is & again Frequency at Night.  Stronger stream and going less often at night means I am consuming something Right so continue that pattern of eating or supplements.  Weaker stream with more frequent trips and I Stopped what I had been consuming.  The culprit is Mainly Caffeine then Sugar and also Alcohol.  Eliminate Caffeine Entirely then Sugar to either very little or None at all.  Alcohol is also a demon to the Prostate so limit it to a bare minimum or Zero.  If I alter my diet in any way say Pasta of Any kind or too much bread, the symptoms come back.  If we simply ate Vegetables, Fruit, and Oatmeal, that is the safest bet.  Other foods can be consumed that I will mention in the Healthy Diet Plans Post. 

I find Green Tea is recommended in most Supplements for the Prostate despite the ‘So-Called’ Non-caffeinated ones.  Personally, I have reoccurring symptoms Due to the Traces of Caffeine even in Non-Caffeinated Teas.  Be Careful.
     This Inflamed Prostate can Wreck the very Night-time Lifestyle of Rest we Desperately Need !!   Just Eat the Right things with this site as a guide through my own Personal Story.

7 Best Foods for Your Prostate Health

Please watch this video on the 7 Best Foods for Your Prostate Health

Here is a List of the Foods they mention:

  1. Berries (Blackberries, Strawberries, Raspberries).
    High in Anti-oxidants and Vitamin C.  Anti-oxidants contribute to the fight against Prostate Disease by Protecting Prostate Cells.  Vitamin C aids in Prostate Health by Reducing Prostate Swelling and Helping with Urination.
  2. Green Tea.  
    It’s listed in most Prostate Supplements for better Urine Flow and Decreased Swelling (inflammation). However, try to get Caffeine-free for Caffeine can cause swelling(may say No caffeine) but believe me there is some.  Be careful of the Tea.
  3. Fish especially Wild Salmon.
    There is also Mackerel, Trout, Herrin, and Sardines.  Packed with Omega 3 and 6 fatty Acids.  They hinder the development of Prostate Diseases and Lower High Blood Pressure reducing the risk of Heart Attacks.
  4. Avocados Contain Beta-Sitosterol (pictured below in the supplements).
    It helps Urinary Flow and decreases Inflammation (swelling).  It helps Urinary Flow and decreases Inflammation (swelling).
  5. Bell Peppers Contains more Vitamin C than any other Vegetable known to us.
    Vitamin C greatly inhibits Prostate Cancer.  May reduce Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH (Enlarged Prostate).  Other Vegetables rich in Vitamin C are Kale, Cauliflower, and Brussel Sprouts.
  6. Sesame Seeds and Wheat Germ –  Highest Seed concentration of Phytosterols that have been known to alleviate Urinary flow difficulties.

    Phytosterols Reduces Prostate Enlargement(400 mg), close second Pistachios, and Sunflowers(280 mg) followed by my favorite Pumpkin Seeds(265 mg), Chia and Flaxseeds► Grind them all in a coffee grinder.  Also, these contain Zinc which the Prostate in fact is largely made up of.  Here are some Phytosterols on Amazon.
  7. Broccoli
    Also high in Phytosterols such as Sulforaphane Targets and Eliminates damaged prostate cells without hurting good ones.

A Complete Diet for Prostate Health

Vegetables and Fruits are first on my List.  Second is Healthy Fats for Prostate Protection such as Salmon containing Omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3’s Prevents and Reduces inflammation within the body.  After all, the Prostate has to be Inflammed for it increases in size through swelling.

Aside from Specific foods, Researchers and Dietitians emphasize an entire Healthy Eating Habit.
Recommended by the Pros is this New Way of Eating LifeStyle:

The Good

  1. Four to five servings of Fruits and Vegetables Daily. Red Colors in Fruits have more Lycopene for Effectiveness.
  2. Select Whole-Grain bread, not White.  Buy Whole-Grain cereals and Pasta.  Although I stay clear of any Sort of Pasta.
  3. Healthier fats are in Olive Oil, Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans).
  4. Choose healthful fats, such as Olive Oil, Avocados, and Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans), and avocados.
  5. Alternately, choose Fish and Beans for Healthier Sources of Protein.

The Bad

  1. Stay Away from saturated fats from dairy and animal products.  Avoid (trans fats) that are in packaged and fast foods.
  2. Red meat, beef, lamb, pork, or goat is definitely Out.  Processed meats like hot dogs and Bologna are a no go.    Eggs and Skinless Poultry maybe but I have had negative effects on those.
  3. Fruit Juices in containers have too much sugar.  Avoid any Sugar-sweetened drinks and Sodas.  Have Sweets very, very Occasionally.
  4. No Salt or very little by reading and comparing labels to the amounts of Sodium in them.  Cut way down and Limit frozen, processed, and canned foods.
  5. Be mindful of the Amounts or Portion sizes and Eat slower.  When you are satisfied or feel full then Stop !  Remember, the Longest Living People in the World have about 1/4 to 1/2 the Portions we in the States do.  We simply eat and Drink too much.
  6. NO Caffeine, NO Sugar, and Little to NO Alcohol And You Will Go Far in this Journey.  Tuff but Extremely and Outstandingly Rewarding !

Red Fruit

The richer in color with Pink or Red the fruit is then the more Potent this antioxidant called Lycopene is.  Lycopene reduces inflammation(swelling) in the prostate.  Tomatoes are the Highest.  Also, Watermelon, carrots, apricots, red bell peppers, red cabbage, guava or papaya.  Knowing this we can conclude the same internal inflammation and swelling enlargement can be Reduced by this Lycopene.

Foods with Omega 3’s

Wheat Germ, Oregano, Basal, Walnuts, and Spinach are Rich in Omega 3’s. Also,  Pistachios, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame Seeds, Chia Seeds, & Flax Seeds are rich in Phytosterols to reduce inflammation.  Although Wild Salmon(best) and various fish are talked against from Dr. Esselstyn due to the Oil content, it is Rich in Omega 3’s and Good Cholesterol the body needs.  I have it more often due to the proven Mediterranean Diet and Longevity of People in the French Riviera area.


Eat Almost Anything GREEN !

What Ingredients are Actually IN these Prostate Supplements to Reduce an Enlarged Prostate ?  My Top 10 then some other very useful Ones.

Studied the Best and Most Frequently Used Supplement Ingredients to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Or an Inflamed Prostate are the Following:

1.  Stinging Nettle – Known for Centuries to Treat Painful Muscles and Arthritis.
Currently, Urinary Issues with Prostate enlargement or
BPH has been very Effective.  Increases Testosterone so the more testosterone
the less occurrence of Prostate size.

2.  Beta-Sitosterol – Beta-Sitosterol commonly used to Lower cholesterol AND
Improve Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate
(BPH).  Found in Plants and some say it Doesn’t affect Prostate Size but relaxes
the Urethra and empties the bladder better to give stronger urine Flow.
However, others say it contributes to the Reduction of a Swelling Prostate.  It may
improve other Prostate (BPH)Symptoms as well.

3.   Saw Palmetto – From the Palm Species we have an increase in Testosterone,
Reduction in Inflammation prevents hair Loss, and Enhances Urinary Tract

4.  Rye Grass –  Symptoms of the noncancerous enlarged Prostate ( benign prostatic
hyperplasia, or BPH ) may be greatly Reduced when taking Rye Grass Pollen
Extract.  Getting up at Nightime fewer and fewer times to Urinate are the results
of some guys that take Rye                Grass.

5.  Pygeum Bark –  The Bark of this Tree (mostly African) is used as a Medicine.  Particularly for Enlarged
Prostate Treatments and for Cancer of the Prostate.  Many other uses include
Pain from Inflammation and Urinary Problems.

6.  Zinc – Can help reduce the size of the Prostate due to its anti-inflammatory and
ability to attack infections.  However ! Do not take too much !  50 Mg is a good

7.  Vitamin D3   Consumption of Vitamin D3 in your Diet And in Supplements has proven Effective in Decreasing Larger Prostates with those having BPH.  Vitamin D3 with up to 6000 IU per Day has Shrunk the Prostate Size in some BPH patients.  Vitamin D3 Deficiency can lead to Higher PSA levels which are bad.  Both do Not necessarily Result in Prostate Cancer but have been Associated with it.

8.  Pumpkin Seed      The Normal Prostate to function well depends on Sufficient Levels of Zinc.  Because of this, about a Handful of Pumpkin Seeds 2 or 3 times a week can Boost the Health of the Prostate.

9.  Lycopene – Found in Tomatoes, Watermelon. Pink Grapefruit and most Red Colored Vegetables and Fruits.  May Lower the Risk of Prostate Cancer.  Mainly Tomatoes are Rich in Lycopene which is a Carotenoid that guards against Cancer of the Prostate.  Higher amounts of Lycopene can also Reduce PSA levels as well.  About 15 Mg./day of Lycopene, can Potentially Slow the Growth of the Prostate in men having BPH.

10.  L-Citrulline –  Improves Blood Flow and possibly some Vascular for better Circulation.

Some other Useful Foods & Ingredients :

11.  Garlic – Very Likely to Calm BPH Symptoms Reducing Inflammation to the Enlarged Prostate.  One I recommend is Kyolic Garlic Extract.

12.  Selenium –

13. Mushrooms (Maitake, Reishi, Shitake) – 

14. Ginger Root – 

15. Quercetin –

16.  Pomegranate Fruit Extract –

17.  Vitamin E – 

18.  B6 and B12 – 

19.  Plant Phytosterols  –

20.  Corn Silk –

21.  Copper (Gluconate) –

22.  Boron – 

23.  Rosemary – 

24.  Bee Pollen –

25.  Graminex – 

Also Some Side Notes:
Apple Cider Vinegar – With its astringent properties, Apple Cider Vinegar
helps shrink the swollen Prostate.    Additionally, it helps in
Weight Loss And Shuts Down difficulties of the inflamed prostate preventing
complications of Urinary Tract Infections or (UTI’s).

Turmeric – The Spice Turmeric Extract or Curcumin has been found by Researchers may Prevent and Treat Prostate Cancer.  This Yellow/Orange Spice possesses Anticancerous Properties May slow or even Stop Prostate Cell Growth from Spreading. So, Enlarged Prostates are associated with Prostate Shrinkage.

What is Making The Prostate Enlarge ?  How to Reduce it.

Tips on the Aging Prostate

Tip #1.   Despite the risk of ‘Going’ at night, an important drink for Your Prostate is Water.  Keep hydrated, and Drinking Less is Not Good to reduce Your Urine.  Just sip it and take just a mouthful or two at night.  Daytime is the time to Drink more Water.

Tip#2. Bottom line that the Enlarging Prostate Experts argue is Not an Inevitable part of an Aging Male.  Rather, a Disease from our sedentary, Low-Activity Lifestyles we are making for Ourselves among others.

Tip #3.  Men in Tsimane, Bolivia or West Africa have very, very low Prostate Issues.   Around 50% of men in their 70s in the U.S. Have larger prostates bigger than 40 cubic centimeters, which is the start of serious medical issues.  For Tsimane men there is less than 1% with larger than 40 centimeters.  Despite the talk of needing Higher Testosterone levels to be “Prostate Safe”, Tsimane men have Surprisingly Low Testosterone Levels and are just Fine !  We should study these Farmers and Hunters to see what they do and Eat.

Tip #4.  It may seem odd but this works.  If you do a little Asmr or very slight strokes with the fingertips along the buttocks and/or side of the legs while you attempt to Go (pea) then this Really Relaxes the Prostate and you will find more Urine will Void this way.

Best Exercises for Prostate Health

Your pelvic floor muscles can be Trained and Strengthened to help Urination Control through Kegel Exercises.
Here are some Additional Excellent Exercises to Benefit the Prostate.

  1. Keggles
  2. Walking
  3. Jogging
  4. Swimming
  5. Tennis


Activity is the Missing Piece to this Prostate Puzzle that includes Strict Eating Habits.  Health Problems such as Heart Disease, Stroke, and some Cancers Swiftly Drop Tremendously with Routinely and Habitually practiced Exercises.  The More Physical Activity the Less BPH Prostate Symptoms.  In Simple form, The More Physical activity the Less suffering from BPH Prostate Issues.  Right down to Just the Basic ‘Regular’ Walking at moderate paces Benefited Enormously.  Two Studies from aerobically Brisk Walks to non-aerobics such as sit-ups and leg lifts found the Walking had less depression, discomfort, and anxiety, and the quality of life boosted greatly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What Causes Prostate Cells to Multiply ?
Caffeine, Sugar, and Alcohol.

2.   How to Reverse Prostate Enlargement ?
Lycopene (in red fruit &Vegetables), Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Corn Silk,
Vitamin D, Stinging Nettles and more Supplements will be listed in the future here.

Shrink ENLARGED PROSTATE in 7 Easy Steps (2020 Update)

Dr. Ken Berry

I Hesitantly agree with the Oats Comment for I do not have a large variety to eat from considering my Calcium buildup issues.  Oatmeal I guess I will have to take out of my diet.  Healthline and most other expert sites say Oats are good for your Prostate.  But they do create sugar.  My aim is to slow down if not Stop this Extremely annoying pain in the You know what.  SO, I am prepared to find Alternatives at most any cost of my own eating Pleasures.
Also, we have to select lower sugar certain fruits.  The ones he mentioned may be avoided.



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 Natural Remedies for the Enlarged Prostate 

I take Several Different Supplements Recommended by Doctors and Experts.  I will list them here and explain what they do.

This First one Doctors and Myself Recommend Highly is Prosta Genix.  It has a combination of Ingredients listed on the back.  Mainly A specific Phytosterol called Beta-Sitosterol is the Highest Concentration I’ve seen.  It is usually the first one guys go for.  I also purchase a few of its ingredients of what it contains from its back label. Here are the ingredients that I feel are most important.
Zinc → The Prostate is Largely made up of Zinc !
Although Stinging Nettles either in Pill Form Or I also purchase Stinging Nettle Tea Bags from Amazon.  Works Miracles.

The Real and most difficult Secret is to eliminate Caffeine Completely along with very seldom alcohol consumption and No Sugar.

Important: Patience guys for it is not overnight results ! Most studies indicate a 6 month period to notice its effect.  But they Do happen I know I’ve waited and now seeing results escalate after that time frame.

      This Plant of Stinging Nettles Reduces the Cell growth enlargement of the Prostate.  Also Reduces the inflammation that causes Prostate enlargement and swelling.  360 mg Per day Recommended However I take 480 mg.  Best to speak with a Doctor before trying it.

4.  Small Flowered Willow HerbRelieves an inflamed Prostate.  From rare medicinal herb seeds.  It acts as an astringent contracting and constricting the Prostate from growing. This Herbal Flower contains Beta-Sitosterol, Tannins, and Polyphenols.  All, of which reduces Prostate size and Inflammation.



Small Flowered Willow

Flavonoids. Used to Reduce Prostate Enlargement Problems.  This Plant Grows in most of Europe covering Britain, Sweden, Northern Africa, and Western Asia.

Maria Treben is a Professional Herbalist from Europe.  “Health through God’s Pharmacy” is an $8 million dollar bestseller.  She Pioneered this flower back in the 40’s up until the 90’s when she left us and passed.
Other Willows:

  • Pink Willow
  • Mountain Willow (Epilobium montanum)
  • Dark Green Willow (Epilobium Obscurum)
  • Willow Hill (Epilobium Collinum)
  • Alpine Willow (Epilobium Anagallidifolium)
  • Wetlands and Gravel Willow

 Hoary WillowHerb Most known as Small Flowered Hairy Willow Herb Or Epilobium Parviflorum is a perennial Herb supporting Urinary tract and Prostate Health.  This is a type of flower from Europe that has had Extreme Success in “putting out the fire” so to speak of Prostate Inflammation.

Here is an outside site from mine explaining further what the Prostate is and Natural Remedies for an Enlarged Prostate.

Side Note for those Wishing to go the Drug Route

Doctors will Prescribe Drugs to either Open up the Passageway and Relax the Urethra And/Or Lower the swelling and Decrease the Size of that Pesky Prostate.  Alpha-Blockers as in Terazosin(Hytrin) or Tamsulosin (Flomax) helps Relax bladder muscles and the Prostate.  Also available is Dutasteride (Avodart) or Finasteride (Proscar).  These are Drug Medications for Reducing BPH Symptoms.

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