Stents are Unnecessary IF You follow a particular Routine that is advised by Healthy Diet experts and Nutritionally Knowledgeable Doctors.  Most do don’t have a clue to exactly how the Vitamin, Supplement, Good Food Diet “Combinations”  Work !!  There are a few who Do Though, and these are the Doctors that will Save your Life and keep you Healthy for a long Time.

You may not need to put that Stent in you, IF you eat right and follow the New Lifestyle way of Eating.  No Meat, only some dairy like eggs(in moderation).  Strict Doctors say no eggs OR Fish.  But Fish is an Exception due to the Longest Living People in the Mediterranean and Oriental countries eating it.  They Eat Mainly and Mostly just Vegetables, Fruits, oatmeal, eggs, Olive Oil and Fish. Again, the Eggs, Olive Oil, and Fish leave out If you really want to be safe and follow the strict Doctors like Dr. Esselstyn.  He just wants to make sure you clear those Arteries.  Although many Expert Doctors say go ahead with those three foods.  People in the Mediterranean Do and they live the longest in the World.

     Veins and Arteries start clearing at first within weeks and months.  They will eventually within 2 – 3 years clear up to the point as if you were a teenager !  I’ve seen it done many times over (vein+artery pictures→  positive proof !)

Arteries before and after five months on a minimally-processed whole foods plant-based diet. Read Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn M.D.I Have to stress throughout this website That Vitamin K2 & D3 Combined and Taken Together starts eradicating or Preventing Calcium from accumulating in the Arteries and Veins.


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