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Are Statin Pills Safe ?  Do Statins Drugs Actually do what a lot of Doctors say they Do ?  In this Statin Pills Review, I reveal if these Cholesterol Medications are any good for you or are they just Hype and Money from a Billion dollar Industry ?  Are Doctors Truly Educated and mean well ?  What is the Truth ? What are the side Effects of Statins ?  Read on!

Statin Pills
Statin Pills → Low Cholesterol to Blame not High Numbers !

What is a Statin ?

A drug to Lower your Cholesterol Levels 

Who are Statin Drugs for:

Anyone wishing to Lower their Cholesterol Levels

How to take Statins

Never. However, if you are so inclined then As Directed by a Physician  

When Should You Use Statins

Just Don’t

The Statin Drug Review

Let’s Investigate this World Wide Burning Question.  We all know Statin Pills lower Cholesterol.  However, is lowering Cholesterol good or bad for you ?  It depends what Doctors you talk to.  Most of them will tell you to take them.  There is a big scare about your number, your number is high. Do not believe That !  Your numbers are Your numbers plain and simple.   Your numbers are what Mother nature gave You.  How come many thousands upon Thousands of older patients they find passing away at 80 to 100 and beyond have astronomically high cholesterol numbers?  The Statin Pill industry is a Billion Dollar $ money Scam that have us all fooled.  Your body especially the brain absolutely needs natures keenly calculated cholesterol made just for you to survive.  If it is High then that’s what your body needs.  If it is low then your particular system may not need as much.  However, it is advisable for those with Low Levels of Cholesterol to eat more Fish and Eggs.   These are the Good foods that contain well needed cholesterol for your Brain and Liver. Don’t seek Cholesterol in meat though.  Note:  Cholesterol is actually produced and distributed by the liver.  Many patients are dying of Liver cancer very possibly from these Cholesterol lowering drugs.  Five Fathers I heard from and My Own Dad took High doses of Cholesterol or Statin Drugs and All Died of What ?  Liver Cancer.  The main organ secreting it and needing it besides the brain.  

Statin Drug Pros

  • None

Side Effects of Statins

  • Lowers needed Cholesterol especially for the Brain and Liver.  Muscle Pain, Nose Bleeds, Blocked or Runny Nose, Unwell feelings of Nausea, Sore Throat, Headaches, Digestion Problems, Hyperglycemia (excess sugar in the blood) can lead to blurred vision, fatigue, weight loss & numbness, Needles and pins or Tingling in arms causing nerve damage and unable to feel heat or cold,  Dizziness to the point of Don’t drive.    

My Conclusion on Statin Drugs

Don’t take them.  Lowering your Cholesterol will only harm you.  If you eat right then Cholesterol will not patch the damaged arteries with calcium.  Eat Really, Really Well and your arteries should clear Up Despite High Cholesterol.  Many of Our ancestors lived ripe old ages when Statins were not invented yet.

Cholesterol or Statin Drugs at a Glance…

VERDICT: UnHealthy.  Very dangerous for your Health.  Cancer may be a by-product resulting from taking them. 

A video arriving soon on Statin Drugs vs. Natural Holistic Nutrition Alternatives.
But here is a good one on Statins: Trivial Benefits at a Great Cost with Dr. Berg

Types of Cholesterol Pills

Atorvastatin (Lipitor)
Simvastatin (Zocor)
Rosuvastatin (Crestor)
Fluvastatin (Lescol)
Lovastatin (Mevacor, Altoprev)
Pravastatin (Pravachol)
Pitavastatin (Livalo)

Only LOW Cholesterol Levels Endangers You

Keeping fat Low in our Diet thus reducing Cholesterol can do more harm than good.  Oh, Yes, eat the good fats found in Olive Oil, Fish, and Eggs.  Longest Living people on Earth in the Mediterranean(southern France), Japan, & China Do.  So DO ! 

Both Physical and Psychological disorders appear more often as we enter into and age of Extremely Low Fat Diets and Cholesterol Lowering Statin drugs. Eat Smart Fats like Fish and Eggs not meat.  Cholesterol should be considered as a Very Important Nutrient and we should not downgrade or Criticize it.

I hope you found this Review to Your Liking.  Any Questions or Comments on Statins or cholesterol in general  you are More Than Welcome to leave your own Personal Review Too just by leaving a Comment below. Thanks guys.

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However Guys, You can Choose the Route the Doctors Recommend with the Best Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement.  My Page will be a tremendous guide.


Statin Pills




Pill Size





  • NONE


  • Wide Range of Health Issues
  • Muscle Pain
  • Extreme Tingling in hands & Arms

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