Vegans eating style basically practice Plant-Based eating.  They steer clear of all animal foods like Meat ( includes fish, insects and shellfish).  Eggs, dairy and yes honey.  Vegans feel if the nectar for honey has been inside a living insect it is considered Non-Vegan.  A Savory and rich variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes overflowing with antioxidants, nutrients, and fiber.  For your heart and overall health this is the Greatest Nourishment

  Reason being to enter this Life-Style in the food world is Crucial for Your Health and to Reverse Heart Disease with a Plant-Based diet !

Take it slow at first by maybe trying a vegan breakfast one morning.  Maybe another evening do without meat for Dinner that night.  Keep increasing the times you avoid the dairy over meat products.  You might feel hungry sooner but if you are definite of what your doing it will be easier.


Some individuals simply Must follow this Vegan Style to keep arteries and veins clear and live longer.  For, if they choose not to May very likely mean death.

Sugar Substitues:

Xylitol, Stevia, Raw Honey, 100% Natural Maple Syrup

The Truth About Honey | Explained in Under 5 Minutes

Absence of Honey is mostly for true Vegans.
Excellent Honey Substitute


Overall Maple Syrup is Healthier.  It is lower in Fructose and Lower in Sugar.

However, animal product avoidance is not practiced all the time by all Vegans.  There are a few Vegans that may include animal ‘by-products’ in there diet.  They may consume these animal ‘by-products’ and use Honey, silk, gelatin, whey, casein, and beeswax.

Healthy Benefits and Cautions of a Vegan Diet

There is a Decreased Risk of Heart Disease, colon cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, breast cancer, stroke among others.  The Vegan diet has totally excellent nutritional values for a long life and healthy lifestyle.

However, some vitamins should be supplemented to replace the lacking B12 found in animal products we Vegans avoid. B12 and Vitamin D out in front with calcium and iodine to a lesser extent follow as needed supplements.

 Good News !

Mushrooms, Soy, almond Milk and Tofu are good sources of Vitamin D.   Vitamin B12 can be found in Soy and Almond milk along with some breakfast cereals and also mushrooms.

Additional learning on How to Maintain a balanced Vegan food plan visit the Health Precautions Sectionin the Wikipedia’s article on Veganism.