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The Vitamins

Vitamins from A to K will be listed here and what they Do for You !  These Dietary Supplements I shop at Vitamin Shop and Amazon.

Starting right off I will mention the two most important Vitamins or Dietary Supplements on the market today to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally with Plant-based NutritionVitamin D3 and K2.  These two are Tailor made to combat Calcium buildup in the Arteries and Veins.  As mentioned, think of D3 as Our Quarterback carrying (in this example) a balloon filled with Calcium.  K2 and Cholesterol are Both the ‘Good’ Receivers on Our team ready to catch the balloon of Calcium never breaking it til K2 ends his

Vitamin D Sun (best source)
Vitamin D Sun (best source)

Journey at the Goal line→the Bones ! Touchdown !

  Eat Bad or Good  

 Depending on the Bad Foods we eat is how much the balloon is filled with Calcium.  Meat, Oils, Sugar, and Dairy all fill the balloon larger with calcium.  NOW, IF we have enough K2 in our system then the calcium is safely carried to the Goal → our Bones.

Oh, by the way.  Too much bad food when consumed Damages the Arterial Walls with Holes.  So, If you have tons of Cholesterol in your System then he gets busy and patches the walls with Calcium.  This is When the buildup occurs and Hardening of the Arteries Begins.  Eat well, I mean Real Well and Cholesterols’ patching ceases.

Now, Cholesterol has many important functions.  Only one bad function being a Receiver running with the Calcium Balloon to the Arterial and Vein Walls where he starts to break the balloon on the Artery and Vein Openings that are Damaged.   Patching and Building this Calcium Over and over Again.  If Our Receiver K2 is injured (meaning not enough in our

Vitamin K2 Natto Japanese Soy Bean
Vitamin K2 Natto Japanese Soy Bean

system) then Quarterback D3 Vitamin  looking to Throw but has no choice simply throwing the balloon of Calcium to Another ‘good’ Receiver called Cholesterol.  Cholesterol has no choice than to start Patching the damaged Arterial Walls with that Calcium he Received now that K2 is out of the game  

Cholesterol is the Good Guy

For Clarity, Again, Cholesterol is one of Our Good Receivers and he uses Calcium to ‘Patch’ Damaged Arteries.   Cholesterol now uses the calcium as a putty or organic sealant to seal the damaged arteries and Veins from the bad foods we eat.  Eat Well and No Patching.

The Repetition occurs with the constant Bad food we put down our throats thus Calcium Buildup Narrowing the tubes in our Arteries and Veins.

Again our ‘other’ Cholesterol Receiver has many very necessary jobs.  The Liver and especially the brain needs our Cholesterol friend.  Cholesterol is the Good guy.  He is not in any way shape or form harmful to us IF we do not give him the bad foods Calcium.  By that I mean eating Badly.

This is where the over and over time buildup occurs.  If we do not eat bad foods AND have enough K2 Vitamin then there is No use for our ‘other’ receiver Cholesterol to patch Anything.  For this Receiver is Rightly benched from this particular Cholesterol game.  In other games he is a Key Player to be sure.

Oh, by the way, Eating Just a Little Bit of junk or bad foods simply takes a little more time to develop the buildup of Cardio Vascular Disease and then the very possible Outcome is What ?  Death.

Ready to Start Unclogging Your Arteries and Prevent future Blockages ?  Click individually Vitamins A thru K below to Explore Vitamin Clearing Possibilities


Vitamin A→                      ←

    ←Preserves your eyes and protects them from night blindness and age related Declines.  Reduces macular Degeneration by 25%.  The Retinol in it Highly Preserves Skin and repairs Eye cells.
The Beta-Carotene in it serves as an anti-oxidant protecting Cells from damage.  Skin, bones, Heart, Lung, ans Kidneys Benefit.  Recommended Daily Allowance is 900 Mcg.(3,000 IU)  up to 3,000 mcg.(10,000 IU)
Found In:

  • Carrots
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Squash
  • Pumpkin

Vitamin B→Actually B12 is the supplement Needed Especially if you are a Vegan.  It replaces Protein that lack,we should Avoid has this.  SO ! B12 supplements are Crucially Important to Replace with the absence of Meats, Eggs, Fish and Dairy Protein !  Sometimes you can combine Rice and Beans Together to form Protein. 

    Vitamin B is the one we lack when cutting out meat, dairy, fish, and eggs. All are rich in Vitamin B12 but some experts say not good for us. Two types of B12 Methylcobalamin and Cyanocobalamin. Methylcobalamin is more naturally occurring and has a more staying power or lasting effect. 

     Cyanocobalamin is more synthetic. Although synthetic I feel necessary due to only it’s ability to convert into adenosylcobalamin. Adenosylcobalamin advantage is it is absorbed faster and essential to many aspects of your health. Adenosylcobalamin is Mainly good for metabolizing fats and amino acids. It also forms Myelin and Myelin creates a protective covering surrounding Your nerve cells. For best results Methylcobalamin should be combined with Adenosylcobalamin. SO, I would purchase the Vitamin B12 that has Both Methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin in the B12.

       Food sources like fish, and eggs  should be kept to a very minimum.  Very occasionally these are good foods for you.  For your Brain and Liver does need some cholesterol to function properly.  But Dairy milk and Meat Advisable to leave out entirely for Veganites.  That means higher possibilities of Clearing out the Arteries and Veins.Vitamin B12  

Healthline Site: Methylcobalamin VS. Cyanocobalamin.   → Vitamin B12

Vitamin C→     ← Is commonly known for Boosting the Immune System and helps prevent the Common cold and Flu.  A very strong Anti-Oxidant that helps keep the LDL Cholesterol level stable. Chances of Heart Disease also known as Atherosclerosis is Highly Diminished. 

Although too much Vitamin C is Rarely Harmful, Overdoing this Supplement may possibly cause Nausea or Diarrhea.                             Hint: Most Vitamin C’s made are 1000 mg.

Vitamin CoQ10(ubiquinol)
Increases blood flow especially in heart patients.  Also Useful to reduce Angina(chest) pain Triggered by lack of oxygen absorption to the heart muscle.  Lowers the bad(LDL) cholesterol reducing heart disease risks.
     Note to the Wise: Be sure to purchase the supplements that are the most Absorbable→ Ubiquinol.  Some of them contain Ubiquinone but  Needs to be Converted into its Active form →Ubiquinol.  Purchase the CoQ10 with the active ingredient UbiquinOL.  


Vitamin D3 + K2 Together Unclogs Arteries.

D3 collects Calcium from the Blood and Hands it to K2. Then, K2 Delivers Calcium Properly to the Bones and not the Arteries.  Not enough K2 +D3 in your

Vitamin D Sun (best source)
Vitamin D Sun (best source)

System Then Cholesterol takes over and patches the damaged Arteries from Bad Foods with the Calcium. Thus Hardening of the Arteries begins.

     Vitamin D3 is Great for collecting the Calcium that deposits on the interior walls of Your Arteries and Veins.  I go with the 1000 IU’s(Recommended) daily although a safe upper limit up to 4000 IU’s is alright.  Make sure not to go higher unless a Health Professional is consulted.   

Vitamin E→     ← 

  • Decrease the Risk of Cancer
  • May Prevent Coronary Heart Disease
  • Prevents Inflammation
  • Improves Eye Health
  • Benefits Immune Activity( protects against infections or Toxins)

Vitamin K2→→                                         ←←Delivers the Calcium given from D3 and Distributes it Correctly to the Bones instead of the Arteries and Veins. Found in High fat Dairy and meats we try to avoid.  So, the Natto bean)Japanese Soy bean) has many times the Potency and is healthier.  100 Mcg’s (Recommended)  Here is an Article: Vitamin K2 helps Prevent Heart Disease

Some Vitamins are listed on the Good Foods page I also have.
Here is a Link to my Bad Foods page if You’d like to Return there. 


Recommended  22 IU(15mg) up to→ 400 IU(266 mg) Natural.
High doses of E can be Harmful SO take below 400 IU.  High doses causes inability to form clots then bleeding.  Lower doses are O.K..




For the Techy’s Technical Jargon:

FDA’s new nutrition Label Regulations with Fat-Soluble Vitamins

       FDA expects fat-soluble Vitamins to be measured in metric units (most likely Mg & Mcg) rather than IU’s in the past.  Fat soluble Vitamins are A, D, E and K.    Surpluses of these are stored in the Liver and Fat Cells.  They are Dissolved in the Fat tissues Before hitting the Bloodstream to Perform their functions.  Taking lower doses is perfectly alright with A, D, E, or K.  Too much of these are not Good !

Water Soluble Vitamins means they dissolve in water And are Not stored in the body.  They are removed out through Urine And we require a constant daily supply.  Food Storage is Crucial due to washed out and destruction of Vitamins if not Refrigerated.  These are Vitamin C and all Vitamin B Complex (B1-Thiamin, B2-Riboflavin, B3-Niacin, B5,B6, B12, Biotin and Folic Acid).  

Calculate International Units into Mg or Mcg

Tip→ Most Vitamins Today are in Mg (Milligrams)

One Milligram = 1000 Mcg Micrograms Means A Milligram is Bigger than a Microgram by 1000

400 iu = 10 Mcg or   .01   Mg
600 iu = 15 Mcg or   .015 Mg
800 iu = 20 Mcg 0r  .02 Mg
1000 iu = 25 Mcg or .025 Mg





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  1. I love natural remedies as it helps you save a lot plus they’re effective with no to very little side effects.. I am giving my body an extra dose of B vitamin and other needed vitamins with full natural fresh foods as they are still the best.
    I am not a believer of synthetic drugs and medicines

    • Hi Lee,
      Thanks for responding. Yes, Vitamin B12 is the one we lack when cutting out meat, dairy, fish, and eggs. All are rich in Vitamin B12 but some experts say not good for us. Two types of B12 Methylcobalamin and Cyanocobalamin…………Scott


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