Cholesterol Foods Yes Or No
Cholesterol Pills     Yes Or No

Cholesterol is Not the bad guy.  Eating Wrong Is.  Lack of K2 and D3 Vitamins Cause Calcium deposits that are from sugars and fats that we eat.  If you want to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally with Plant-Based Nutrition then the Great Debate on High Cholesterol is on.  Some Doctors and Experts lean heavily on Lowering Your Numbers.  Other Doctors and Experts say Hogwash !  The Billion Dollar Industry has a perfect Coverup in telling you That just to make money period.  It’s an Evil trap we all believe like being hypnotized through Fear.  The Fear of Death will make us fork over our Money in a Heartbeat.  Excuse the Pun.



       High Cholesterol is actually Good for you.  Low Cholesterol is Dangerous.  You see, Cholesterol has many jobs and one of them is to patch those damaged holes in our Arteries caused by bad food.  If You Do Not place Bad Food into your arteries then Cholesterol Does Not use Calcium to patch anything.  However Cholesterol Does go on to other tasks by feeding the well needed Cholesterol that the Liver and Brain very much need.



Two schools of thought: 

  1. Follow the Doctors that have Strict lifestyles of eating and leave many food items we love Out.  I assure you That Heart difficulties will Diminish and Even Reverse itself.  →Pictures of Arteries Before and After showing 90% blockage turn into 0% and

    Arteries before and after five months on a minimally-processed whole foods plant-based diet. Read Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn M.D.
              Eating Bad          Eating Healthy

    Perfectly Clear on a Strict Veganite Diet.  From Angina Pain to Marathon Runner.  IT HAPPPENS FOLKS.   It’s the Miracle of Food as Medicine.♥                                                   

  2. Mediterranean and Vegetarian Diets allow Oils and Margarines among a few other “so called” Bad foods that Vegans don’t go near.  These foods such as Olive Oil, Eggs and Fish are Debatably Good OR Bad for you.  Fish Oils are known to diminish the spread of plaque buildup in the Arteries and veins.  Eggs and Fish are full of Cholesterol but our Liver and Brain especially along with our entire System Desperately Needs this Cholesterol to Function Properly.  My body Produces Plenty of Cholesterol in the 300’s  SO, on very rare occasions I consume eggs and Fish.  IF, You remove Oil, Dairy, and Meat from your diet, Heart Disease Basically is Arrested at the Source, Simply Terminating its Evil Course.  Stopped at the Border !  However, Wild Salmon Fish Weekly may be beneficial and most experts say will only help you.  It’s your call.  I personally eat fruits, vegetables, Oats, wheat, and very occasionally Eggs and Fish.  There is controversy all over the place outside Fruits and Veggies.

Here we talk about The Great Debate between Doctors and Experts to Either eat the foods high in cholesterol like Fish, Eggs, Meat, Butter etc. OR Not !



Although having Cholesterol in these foods, we desperately need cholesterol.  This Billion Dollar Statin industry that is always saying to Lower your Numbers and lower your Cholesterol.   Is The Myth of High Cholesterol, a lie ?  We need Cholesterol to function properly, especially the brain.  IF we deny our bodies of much needed cholesterol we are committing slow suicide.  For, in time, the Liver which produces our cholesterol will be taxed and strained so much due to it trying to produce cholesterol all the time.  Over time a very good chance of Liver cancer happening.  So eat up.  Ideally Wild Salmon (Atlantic) and Eggs (Free Range or Pasteurized)  Being the Best.

I could get rich Promoting and Selling Cholesterol Drugs on this site.  However, I have Created A Lifestyle Researching Statins or Cholesterol Drugs.  I Do Not promote them, I Do Not endorse them, I Do Not recommend them Nor do I back them up.  These Drugs such as Lipitor, Zocor, etc. are simply Killing us. 

They say lower your numbers !  Lower Your numbers !  Hogwash !  Do Not Believe That.  Your body Desperately needs and Requires Cholesterol.  Especially the Liver(which produces it) along with Your Brain.  If Your body has a High count Then that is what You Need. 

People !  I’ll repeat that til the End Of My Days.  Which, By the Way will be Longer being Off Cholesterol Drugs.  Am I Totally insane and crazy with 80%, 90%, & 100% Blockages in my Veins ?  NO.  For I was Diagnosed 3 Years Ago and I do 30 minutes on the Treadmill with occasional 3 Minute fast Sprints with no Chest Pains at all.  My Veins and Arteries are Clearing from What ?  Having the Discipline to Eating Totaly right.  Basically Fruits and Vegetables and Oatmeal.  Sometimes Rice and Fish.

Other Doctors and Experts Say a resounding NO

I follow “mostly” Dr. Esselstyn’s Philosophy of “Just leave it all out”.  Meaning the suspected fatty cholesterol foods we just mentioned.  In this way there is a much higher safety factor that you’ll start to clear Out your Arteries.  I say better Safe than Sorry because Sorry is the ultimate and Final “We Out”.  Death in other words.]

     Although there are countries like France eat heavy creams and some fatty foods.  Yet, Surprisingly have very low heart disease largely due to Garlic and maybe possibly the Olive Oil (although Oils of any kind may be risky) say the extreme veganites.  I say if the longest living people in the world near Southern France specifically Monaco are consuming veggies, fruit, whole grains, Fish and Olive Oil then DO THAT ! 

Again, Cholesterol is desperately needed especially the brain.  New Research condemns this Billion Dollar Statin Industry lying about lowering Cholesterol numbers.  DO Not Believe That !  Your numbers are your numbers for your specific body type.  My grandmother died with a cholesterol count of 500.  Very Old people we are discovering have extremely high cholesterol counts when they pass on.  High Cholesterol is not killing You.  The wrong foods are.
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However Guys, You can Choose the Route the Doctors Recommend with the Best Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement.  My Page will be a tremendous guide.

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