Best Prostate Supplements

The Best Prostate Supplements to Shrink the Prostate Naturally.

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We are Listing The Best Prostate Supplements on the Market Today.  This is the latest information on Reducing an Inflamed Prostate 2022.

We ask ourselves What is the Best Natural Prostate Treatment for

an Enlarged Prostate ?  We ask ourselves  How to Shrink the Prostate Naturally ?   What Are the Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate ?  What are the Causes of an enlarged Prostate ?   Is there a single natural cure for an enlarged prostate ?  What are Prostate Supplements that work ?  Some of the Natural Remedies for the Enlarged Prostate are right Here in the Food stores and Vitamin Shops.  I take Several Supplements Recommended by Doctors and Experts.  Enlarged Prostate Remedies are listed here and explained what they do.  Our Goal is to find a Healthy Prostate Supplement that works well to shrink the Prostate.
Three Ingredients that Repeat and I feel work are Beta-Sitosterol, Stinging Nettles, and Saw Palmetto.
The Real and most difficult Secret is to Eliminate Caffeine Completely along with very seldom alcohol consumption and No Sugar.  Alcohol best to cut down or not at all and Sugar Best to Eliminate.

1. Prosta Strong   I Like this one the Best !  Supports male GenitoUrinary System Promoting Optimal Prostate Health Solutions and Healthy Urinary Flow.   Pumpkin Seed Oils and Beta-Sitosterol provide Plant Sterols Benefiting Nutritional Support to the Prostate.  It also contains Beet Juice, Pygeum, Saw Palmetto, and Zinc among others.  Check out my  Prosta Strong Review:

Prosta Strong Prostate Supplement
Prosta Strong Prostate Supplement
Prosta Strong Ingredients
Prosta Strong Ingredients

2.  Pros-T Glandular Support For Healthy Urinary Flow and Repaired Tissue Integrity.  This One is Specially Chosen for The Most Included & Effective Ingredients In Dozens of other Prostate Supplements.  Very High in Beta-Sitosterol(720-800 mg.), Nettle Root, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin D3, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Selenium, Zinc, and a Swedish Flower Pollen Extract.   Some of them Shrink Tissue and some Open the Canal Wider for better Urine Flow.

3.  ProstaGenixBeen Rated Number One !  Main Ingredient and Most Potent Beta-Sitosterol so far at over 1,000 mg.  Recommended by America’s #1 Urologist Dr. Dudley Danoff.  The Ingredients I’ve seen that Repeat in this ProstaGenix and other Formula Blends I will List:  Vitamin D3, Zinc, & Grapeseed Extract.            Two Excellent supplements Not in this Prostagenix but as an additional purchase are  Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettles. Nettles being more Effective. 

4.  Prostate Plus has Saw Palmetto Extract 320 mg., Lycopene, Reishi Mushroom, Zinc 15 mg., Selenium 100 mcg. & Vitamin D3 (20 mcg.) (800 IU).     60 Softgels – 30 Day Supply.

5.  Prostalex Plus Has Pumpkin Extract and Green Tea Leaf improving difficulties in Urinary Functions.  Antioxidant Properties helps Prevent Prostate Cancer.  Caution Concerning Green Tea.  Any Caffeine is Bad and Will cause Complications for the Prostate to Enlarge.  Even the Non-Caffeinated ones cause me difficulties.  May be O.k. for others though.

6.  Small Flowered Willow HerbRelieves an inflamed Prostate.  From rare medicinal herb seeds.  It acts as an astringent contracting and constricting the Prostate from growing. This Herbal Flower contains Beta-Sitosterol, Tannins, and Polyphenols.  All, of which reduces Prostate size and Inflammation.


Small Flowered Willow Herb


7.  Super Beta Prostate   Phytosterols or called Plant Sterols are the Highest Concentration(600mg.) and Main Ingredient in this Super Beta Prostate.  This one happens to be .65 Grams or 640 Mg.  Beta-Sitosterol is considered the main ingSuper Beta Prostateredient but the second Largest Concentration in This Super Beta Prostate being 250 mg.


It takes some time but I read Every Label on the back to see what’s in the Supplement and its Potency.
Coming up are What is Actually in these Supplements that Repeat Again and Again among the Brands.

These are the Very Ingredients from Saw Palmetto to Beta-Sitosterol found to Shrink the Prostate Naturally :

Stinging Nettles  | Lycopene Beta-Sitosterol  |  Saw Palmetto  |  Pygeum  | Vitamin D3 | Turmeric  |  Rye Grass Pollen Extract  |Zinc |  Pumpkin Seed |

Best Prostate Treatment Choices

Stinging Nettles –  The enlarged prostate gland in men with BPH can have symptoms treated and Reduce the Size of the ProsStinging Nettletate Gland with the Root of this plant.  Be sure to purchase the Stinging Nettle Root Extract.  The Best Stinging Nettle. Healthy Male Urinary Prostate Support.  Solaray Nettle Root Extract 300 mg | Nettle (Urtica Dioica) (Root) 150 mg| Includes Beta-Sitosterol 2.4 mg (0.8%) | 15 mg (5%) total Amino Acids | Non GMO | 60 VegCaps.  

Lycopene It is Chemically a Carotene ingredient in Foods.  It lowers the prostate (PSA) score connected to prostate inflammation, BPH, and prostate cancer.  Reduces the Swelling of the Prostate.  In Watermelons and Tomatoes and most RED Fruit.

Beta-Sitosterol or Plant Sterols –   It Binds to the prostate and helps reduce swelling (inflammation).  Improves Urinary Symptoms and Healthy Flow.
       Contained in many plants. It doesn’t affect the size of the prostate, but it may give you a stronger urine flow to help your bladder empty more completely.  It may improve other BPH symptoms as well. It is a Sterol that comes from Plant (Phytosterols) found in Sesame Seeds, Pistachio Nuts, wheat germ, rice bran, corn oils, soybeans, and peanuts.

 is one of many sterols that come from plants (phytosterols) and have a structure like the cholesterol produced in the body. You can find phytosterols in many plants and thus in foods such asSaw Palmetto

Saw PalmettoUsed Primarily for Urinary Symptoms.  It maintains the Possibility or even the Recent occurrence of an Enlarged Prostate.  Today’s studies show that saw palmetto may help improve prostate health, reduce inflammation, enhance urinary tract Saw Palmetto function, increase testosterone levels, and prevent hair loss.  Saw Palmetto is widely used in the United States and Europe to treat an Enlarged Prostate.  Some see Real results in Prostate Relief Through shrinkage and also urinary symptoms relief.  See a Doctor when taking due to possible interactions with medicines, tests or treatments.
Saw Palmetto grows as a Palm only 2-4 ft. high.   Located along the  Southe
rn Coast Line regions in the United States.  Produces large amounts of berries.  These fruits have a Long History of Medicinal benefits including.  Native Americans used it to help in Urinary Problems in Men. 

Pygeum Bark  Helps in pain caused by inflammation of the Prostate to Urinary Difficulties. Also from kidney disease and stomachache to fever.  From the Root of the African Cherry or called Plum Tree.  Pygeum is taken in cycles from 6 to 8 weeks, stop taking it for 2 weeks in between for a break.

Vitamin D3 One of the Fat-Soluble vitamins helping you to absorb calcium and phosphorus in Your body.  The Most Major absorption is through the Sun.  Vitamin D3 comes from Animals whereas D or known as D2 comes from plants.  However, Small amounts of D3 can also be found in Salmon, Tuna, Mushrooms, Potatoes, and Tomatoes.

TurmericAnti-Inflammatory Properties and strong antioxidants.  However, if you want the Full Effect of Turmerics Ingredient Curcumin then go for the Extract on the label Or Bottles with Curcumin itself.  the curcumin content of turmeric is not that high.  The extract has 97 % Curcumin as opposed to only 3% just labeled Turmeric.  One of the Best Remedies that Naturally Relieves symptoms of Prostate Enlargement and Helps in Reducing Urinary Difficulties in Men when they Age.  Prostate Cancer may be prevented when taking Turmeric.

Zinc –  More than any area of the body Zinc is the Most Abundant in the ‘Healthy’ Prostate.  However, Levels are lower with Guys having BPH (swelled Prostate)  or even prostate cancer.  A Carotenoid-rich diet has been discovered to reduce the Risk of BPH (Inflammation of the Prostate).  Also, Phytosterols also Relieve Prostate Issues.

Pumpkin SeedZinc was just discussed and just one of the benefits of Pumpkin Seeds as it is rich in Zinc.  Eating a handful several times a week or even daily keeps Zinc levels up.  The Prostate is the one Organ that has an Extremely High amount of Zinc.  SO, to keep its size down there is also Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil (400mg) having Anti-inflammatory benefits to lower swelling.  Pumpkin Seed Oil also Greatly Reduces Overactive Bladder Symptoms such as Urinary Frequency and Urgency.  Seeds do a great job also.  I grind them in a Coffee Grinder and eat them maybe with some Orange juice.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Rye Grass Pollen Extract(Cernilton) –    A type of Flower pollen from an Herb called Secale.  Often beneficial in relieving symptoms of a non-cancerous enlarged prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH). Some Guys use this rye pollen extract and express their symptoms Improve and get up fewer times at night to urinate.


 It acts to kill off bad Prostate cells from growing as in some fancy thing called ‘Apoptosis’.   Relaxes the smooth muscles of the Urethra so the bladder can contract easier.   Converts Testosterone into (DHT) that allows less cell Growth.  Relieves the Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate (BPH) and helps Urine Flow.     


Pygeum Bark  Slows Growth of Prostate.  Used in the Treatment of Enlarged Prostate.  Also used for pain caused by inflammation, kidney disease, urinary problems, fever, stomach ache, and to increase sexual desire.

Cayenne Pepper(pill form)→Even though hot, calms the stomach and effective on shrinking inflammation

Ask the Experts at Wiki What the Very Top Supplements Are ?

8 More Foods, Seeds, Herbs, Spices, & Supplements to Shrink the Prostate

  1. Tomatoes Has tons of Lycopene which Lowers Prostate Inflammation.  Lycopene gives the red colored foods their pigment.  So most any red-colored food should have this.  Lycopene is also found in watermelon, apricots, papaya, and pink grapefruit.  Careful of the grapefruit with some medicines.
  2. WatermelonAlso lots of Lycopene to reduce swelling of the Prostate.  Lycopene is an antioxidant that gives whole foods their natural red color.  There is about 9 to 13 mg. of Lycopene in a cup of Watermelon
  3. Legumes or BeansSuch as Chickpeas, Soybeans, Lentils, and Peanuts.  It contains Cancer-Fighting Properties that Suppresses Tumor Growth in Prostate Cells   Also, high in Zinc which makes up most of what the Prostate is made of  
  4. Garlic –  Has anti-inflammatory effects on the Prostate, therefore, reducing Bacterial Growth and Swelling.  This herbal remedy is very possibly as effective in reducing prostate enlargement as the Drug Finasteride Or the antibiotics Ciprofloxacin and Quinolone that treat a variety of bacterial infections.
  5. NutsHigh in Zinc  and the Prostate is mostly Zinc.   Tree nuts such as almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, and cashews can reduce the size of the Prostate and lower the risk of prostate cancer Harvard Medical seems to suggest. Pumpkin seeds are Really helpful for BPH, prostate gland enlargement.
  6.  Pomegranate Researchers Discovered that Drinking pomegranate juice extract may Greatly Reduce the rate at which the PSA Test Score was rising.  Talk with your doctor first. Pomegranate juice is generally safe.  Although, there is evidence that it may interfere with some medications like blood thinner warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven). Also Pomegranate Supplements
  7. Green Vegetables Green leafy vegetables are very beneficial and are rich in antioxidants. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli reduce the risk of prostate problems, including BPH or Prostate Enlargement and prostate cancer.
  8. Celery Root Celery has been found to be very effective in killing pancreatic, prostate, breast, ovarian, liver, and lung cancer cells.   It’s an excellent source of antioxidants.  Also a rich source of vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin B6.  Prevents a host of other diseases and health issues, having many medicinal properties with this leafy veggie.  Try Celery Root Extract Capsule Supplements

You Can Also Travel to My Vitamins Page Or Good Foods Page for Natural ways to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What Vitamins are Good for the Prostate?
Vitamin D3
Resveratrol – Found in Blueberries, Grapes, Cranberries, and Peanuts.
Vitamin B
Omega 3’s – Salmon

How Can I Shrink the Prostate Naturally?
Stinging Nettles
Kegel Exercises
Apple Cider Vinegar
Sitz Bath.  An old Fashioned Method Using Epsom Salts.

How Do You Reduce Inflammation of the Prostate ?
          Slow down or even Stop alcohol, caffeine, and spicy or acid-based foods.
These can irritate Your Bladder.
Long Periods of Sitting or Bicycling.

Can Turmeric Reduce the Size of Your Prostate ?
Studies and Personal Patients’ Results
are a “Yes” on this one.

Check Out Supplement Prices  on Amazon Today

Here Ya Go ! To Prostate Health
Here Ya Go ! To Prostate Health

Top 6 Supplements Review

Pros-T Glandular Support Supplement 

                                                            10 Foods Highest in Lycopene

10 Foods Highest in Lycopene

Interesting Facts to Know about what You’re taking and Why ?

Saw Palmetto is an extract of fruit and largely an herbal medicine.

Vitamin E and Selenium, may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. (Selenium is mostly from plant sources and tuna). Vitamin E is abundant in nuts and whole grains.

If you want to Put the Finishing Touches on what Supplements Can Do to Complete Your Success Then the Death of this Prostate Enlargement will happen with a Healthy Lifestyle.  A nutritious diet (Lots of Green Food) You Know, Cruciferous Vegetables and Regular Exercise is Key.

Some of the Foods Highest in Lycopene that I personally go For are Tomatoes and Watermelon.

Phytosterols from Plants are known to Reduce Inflammation in the Prostate and are Highest in Pistachio Nuts, Wheat Germ, Sesame Oil and Seeds, Olive Oil, Pumpkin seeds, Walnuts, Almonds, and Flaxseed.

10 Foods High in Plant Sterols

10 Foods High in Plant Sterols → Here are some Phytosterols on Amazon.

Most brands have a combination of ingredients listed on the back.  Mainly the Phytosterol called Beta-Sitosterol.  Then there is Stinging Nettles and Saw Palmetto are also common and the next Effective.  I have an Additional Site You may like focusing on The Top 25 Prostate Supplements for Men.

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