What We Cannot Eat: 

Sugar→ That white stuff is the #1 Most Devastating 

Unhealthy Sugar
Unhealthy Sugar

poison in our modern Life Today.  Stay Away !  Bad is High Fructose and Corn Syrup(soft drinks).

Alternatives can be of course Water, Coffee, Or more

advisable Green Tea.  Maple Syrup in the tea or coffee is a Great Substitute for Sugar.  Comes from a Tree.  Also a Slice of Lemon can add to the taste.

Agave Nectar→ Mistaken for Healthy it is a Sweetner that is Highly Refined.  It is extremely High in Fructose.  High amounts can be devastatingly bad for Health.  Realistically, Agave is Higher in Fructose than most bad Sugars.  Corn Syrup is 55% fructose, table sugar is 50% fructose, yet Agave is a whopping 85% fructose !

Alternatives:  Maple Syrup is at the top of my list that is allowable with no sugar, calories, carbs or Gluten.    Honey is just o.k. but has slightly more calories than Sugar  and also contains 40% Fructose and 30% Glucose Close to Sugars 50/50.
Plant based Stevia, Erythritol, or  xylitol are are all natural sugar substitutes and calorie free.  Further updates coming on these.

Extra Virgin Olive OiL
    Extra Virgin                 Olive Oil

Most Oils→ Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Cottonseed, and Soybean Oils Are not good.  They are Refined Oils we have Radically Increased.
However, we are Learning some Oils such as Extra Virgin

Olive Oil Beneficial.  But only if you do not have Heart Disease.  If you have Heart Disease then it is very advisable to stay away from most Oils unless it is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.   Some nuts like Almonds, Walnuts, and Pumpkin seeds are good. 

Dairy→No. Stay clear of Dairy milk from cows (grass-fed possibly),  safest is the Vegetable milks like Flax, Rice, Almond and maybe Soy milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, ice cream or just plain cream.  However ! New evidence


suggests cream, butter(not margarine), yogurt and cheese have much needed cholesterol. The French eat these and they have the lowest Heart Disease in the European countries.  The Doctors I go with are the strict ones with none of this.  Rather be safe than sorry.

Refined Grains

NUTS→Depending on your condition No Nuts of any


kind.  Those with Heart disease that is.  They have oils in them.   

Possibly walnuts for Non-Heart Disease patients. and only in moderation is o.k.. Walnuts have very beneficial Omega-3 Fatty acids.  Careful though, Nuts are somewhat addicting and people consume many at one time.  Don’t do that.


MEATS→I know they say Chicken is o.k. but if you want a truer full reversal of heart Disease it’s best to leave it all

 Meat Vs. Vegetables and Fruits
            Meat Vs. Vegetables + Fruits

out.  Hamburgers, Roast Beef and the whole Lot !   Meat of any kind especially Red meat forget about it.

Fruit Juices
       Are You aware that juice in containers may not be as Healthy as We once thought ?  Orange Juice Packaged

Juices in Containers
          Juices in Containers

from the store is no more than just Sugar Water.  Goes for most other juices.  Actual→ Tangible→ Physical Fruit blended at home has ‘Got‘ to be the Freshest. When we Honestly Know what is In there then rest assured it is the Healthiest By Far !

Bad Refined Grains vs. Good Whole Grains

Do not eat Refined Grains.  Such as:

Corn Flakes
Corn Flakes
White Rice
White Rice
Pasta (whole grain or wheat o.k.)
Corn Tortillas Chips
White Flour
White Flour
White Bread
White Bread










Again Bad Refined Grains Include:
White Rice, White Bread, White Flour, Corn Tortillas, Crackers, Pretzels, Noodles or Spaghetti(whole wheat or Grain is O.K.), Corn Flakes, Macaroni and more.

However ! Whole Grains are Good such as:

Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Rolled Oats, Whole-Wheat or Grain Pasta, Wild Rice(preferably brown), Quinoa, and Whole-Grain Barley.

Read the First Few ingredients on your bread.  Even If it says “Wheat Flour”→ scan further.  If the word “Unbleached” is absent then this bread is most likely laced with Dreadful Chemicals.  Azodicarbonamide is such a chemical found in yoga mats and shoe soles. It makes bread dough fluffier. It is already being forced out of some companies ingredients.  Azodicarbonamide breaks down into (cancer causing) Carcinogens after Baking.  Look for the words “Unbleached“.  


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1 thought on “BAD FOODS.”

  1. While everything I’ve read here is a 100% spot-on in my eyes, you would have to rip the white Asian rice & subsequent rice noodles out of my cold dead hands!

    All joking aside though, I think the most important item you listed as what we cannot eat is, as you aptly put it, ‘that white stuff’! White sugar is a plague on American diets and, so unnecessary to boot! I even use coconut sugar over raw cane sugar for its low glycemic index.

    My massive weakness has been and, probably always will be, potato chips! When you were talking about the addictive nature of nuts what you said reminded me of what my father would say ‘don’t do that’! I still cheat once in a while with an organic pre-packaged bag of chips but, thankfully I have found healthier alternatives that help curb my unhealthy cravings.

    The better oils that you mention really have made a huge impact on my healthier choices. Unrefined oils like coconut, avocado made such a huge impact on my overall well-being. Luckily these good choices are so much easier to make these days, on the wallet and, because of so many more informed articles such as this one!

    Happy, healthy eating everyone!


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