High Blood Pressure


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Most concerns are with High Blood Pressure.  Fortunately, there are many remedy Possibilities with Activity, Food & Best Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure among others.  Some of my pages that list some Good Foods, Vitamins, and Herbs, Spices & Seeds, for Lowering Blood Pressure.

Top foods to Lower Blood Pressure

The more natural way is Wheat Grass Powder high in Magnesium. 

Great for High Blood Pressure.  Magnesium Chloride is best.  Look to avoid Magnesium Citrate and Glycinate for ingredients.  Do not exceed 300 mg.  Take at night.  Relaxes blood vessels and You.

Foods Rich in Magnesium is Leafy Greens, Avocados, Legumes, Nuts, Tofu, Seeds( Flax, pumpkin, Chia), Whole Grains, Fish(Salmon, Mackeral, Halibut), and Bananas.

Potassium also great for High Blood Pressure found in Fish (Salmon), Beets, yams, white beans, clams, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocado, pinto beans, bananas, lima beans, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes,  and watermelon.


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