Among the longest Living Countries are the People of Monaco and Japan due to their Mediterranean and Oriental Diets with peaceful Low-Stress lifestyles.  On other charts, Spain leads the pack again with the Mediterranean Diet. 

Longest Living People Eat Right and Stress Less.  Cholesterol not too much a concern.

       Put it this way.  The longest living people on this Gods Green Earth live in Monaco located on Frances Mediterranean Coastline in the French Riviera.  What the heck do they Eat ?  If I were you I would COPY this city in France.  They are Obviously doing Something Right !!

Monaco - Longest Living People
Monaco – Longest Living People

They eat Fresh Seafoods, Olive Oil, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and Whole grains. Bottom line their diet is low in Saturated Fat and Sugar.

       Their Mediterranean Diet relates to decreased Cancer Rates, Lower chances of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.   Pretty darn good tasting too!

       Another secret is their Small Portions of food.  Everything is about half to a quarter of what we eat.  Most portions are the size of the inside of a regular coffee cup or your fist.  That’s It !  You won’t starve, just gotta get used to it and not Stuff Yourself.  Restricting the amount of what you eat is limiting the Calorie intake and that in itself may help your Health Overall.  For Calories are a key player in Obesity that causes High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, Cancers and other Diseases.  How often do you see an Old Heavy Person ?  Rarely.

       Outdoor life in Monaco is the Norm with a Deep Blue Sea and Great temperatures.  Embedded in the Culture are swimming, sports, running, boating, and walking.  With that kind of Extra Activity, You can’t help but Boost Your Health Benefits in the Long run.

       There’s a calmness and laid-back feeling in Monaco.  Very easy-going Lifestyle with very minimal stress factors to tax the heart.  Possibly the Calming sounds of ocean waves to the Fresh Sea breezes in the Air are contributing factors in Health Benefits.  Relaxing and enjoying life is the daily diet here.

       However, to feel anxieties mental tension will very likely add to Heart Diseases.  Decreasing pressure and stressors may indeed Heighten Health Benefits tremendously.

       In addition, these people establish a relationship with their Doctors and visit often.  This catches Health challenges early on.  There are many brilliantly qualified Doctors in Monaco.  This results in Residents having a more dedicated role in their own Health care-seeking help when ill or puzzled.  

       Countries and Cities that also closely follow Monaco in the Top 10 Longest living with their Diet and lifestyle habits are:

  1. Monaco         89.5   yrs.
  2. Japan             84.74  yrs.
  3. Singapore      84.68 yrs.
  4. Macau            84.51  yrs.
  5. San Marino   83.24  yrs.
  6. Iceland           82.97  yrs.
  7. Hong Kong    82.86 yrs.
  8. Andorra          82.72 yrs.
  9. Switzerland    82.50 yrs.
  10. Guernsey        82.47  yrs.

I target Japan and China for both are Oriental and must be doing something Right.  We will explore what they eat.
Among the many varieties, Japan eats Fish, Rice, Miso Soup, Green Tea, Noodles, Soy, Fruits, Vegetables, and Plants.  Tip: Quality not Quantity of food is What They Do.  Monaco, Japan, France, and China among others do not stuff their faces.  Three Focal Points of Healthy Eating are Balance, Moderation, and Variety.
In Comparison, China eats some types of meat which may be the reason they are #7.  However, they have Rice, Noodles, and Tofu which are great for you.
We forgot to mention the Healthiest ‘Country’  mentioned is SpainSpain seems to be at the top in other charts. Largely due to it’s Mediterranean Diet including Olive Oil and Nuts among fish and vegetable plants.


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