What is the Best Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement?

Scott Beattie Medical Researcher  by Scott Beattie

Some Urgent Facts Doctor’s Do Not tell You.

Balancing your Cholesterol instead of Blocking it is key.  Doctors and Medical Researchers are discovering that Balancing or Regulating cholesterol is a truer measure of Health.  Cholesterol is a Fundamentally Required substance your body depends upon for a vast range of biological functions.  It is Not Naturally Bad for Your Health.  Actually, it plays a Vital Role in Boosting Liver, Memory, and Brain Health.  You have a Right to know that for Years

Prescription Drugs Vs. Natural Supplements
Prescription Drugs      Vs.    Natural Supplements ?

Dishonesty and Lies run rampant concerning Heart Health and Cholesterol.

Typically Doctors recommend blocking cholesterol production in your body with prescription Statin Drugs or excluding it from much-needed nutrients in foods such as Fish or Eggs.  In the end, Your Health will suffer greatly as a result.  Sometimes death occurs with Liver Cancers.  How many people do you know who died from Liver Cancer took Cholesterol drugs ?  I venture quite a few.  I can count a half dozen people I know.

Quantum Leap Discoveries

Medical Studies are Revealing Break-throughs in ‘Natural’ Solutions for Maintaining & Regulating Healthy Cholesterol.  Not Blocking or Stopping its Production like these Statin Drugs do.

Regulating Cholesterol and controlling it a bit naturally is much different than eliminating & Killing it by restricting its production through Drugs.  Mother nature gave us Cholesterol for many reasons.  Our Brains and Liver need cholesterol to function properly.

By Researching Extensively Through Doctor by Doctor there are very effective Supplements And Statin Drugs (if you want to go that route) we will discuss for Lowering Cholesterol.    First, let’s

discuss Supplements meaning Non-Statin Alternatives.  These Supplements contain Pantothenic acid OR Vitamin B5 found in Salmon, Eggs,

Garlic, Avocados, shiitake Mushrooms, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, Lentils and more.  FOOD OR PILLS


I had 80%, 90 %, & 100% Blockages and stopped Cholesterol Drugs Altogether a year ago.  I am doing Just fine on the treadmill with No Heart Pain that used to be terrible has Stopped.  I began my Journey by reading Dr. Esselstyn’s book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  With the main thrust being Plant-Based Nutrition.  Just Eat Right is as simple as it gets.  Simple but for some hard to do.  You either Do it Or Die.  Simple as that.

I followed this book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” with my own Twist.

Only exceptions I see from the book is Fish and Egg


s.  These are very good for you and the longest living people in Southern France and the Mediterranean even Japan and China eat Fish and Eggs.

So, I say these are the


only foods I go against the book with.  Dr. Esselstyn just wants to see his patients and people who read his Strict Diet Book Succeed.  So, he does Not Mess around and cuts Out all Oils.  It’s a Wide Sacrifice but You will Benefit Greatly.  I did what his book said for over a year and I am Living Proof it works.  From simple chores at home taking the trash out and having to sit down for 5 minutes suffering from Angina Chest pains to where I am today running on the treadmill.  No Pain.  It works People, It works.  I don’t know any other way to say it.

2 Roads to Choose: Sites to consider:

Will Explore this Topic. That is if you wish to Lower your numbers.  Or do You ?


Some like the Cholesterol Drugs Prescribed by Doctors who are Not into Supplements & Plant-Based.  You can Listen to Your Doctor Prescribing Statin Cholesterol Medicines If that is Your choice.  Here are several of the Best Cholesterol Statin Medicines on Amazon.

The Drug-Free Way ?

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So What is the Best Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement?

There are many Natural Cholesterol Remedies out there on the market today.  Among the Herbal Remedies are Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves, Artichoke Leave Extract, Yarrow, and Holy Basil.  Recommended very Highly is Cholesterol 360 or Cholest MD or even Cholesterol PRo Now .  All these contain an excellent All Natural Ingredient from the Italian Fruit called Bergamot.

Bergamot is a Natural fruit with Cholesterol-Like Medication and Sugar eliminator in Your System.  Bergamot contains Flavonoids which are Polyphenols that control Inflammatory Diseases also have Strong AntiOxidants to repair Tissue Damage.

Best Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement
Best Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement

Very Effective in Lowering Cholesterol.  Also, Genius Heart seems to be a Favorite on Amazon containing Pantesin a derivative of Vitamin B5.  B5 comes from Fish, Avocados, Eggs, Mushrooms, Sunflower seeds, Lentils, Broccoli, and Sweet Potatoes.


Phytosterols found in plants, seeds and nuts reduce Cholesterol levels.  An adequate amount of Phytosterols in the diet range from 150 to 450 mg’s per day.

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Notes on Video:  1.  K2 Supplement on Amazon – Highest in the Natto Bean
2.  D3 Supplement on Amazon– Salmon, Eggs, Mushrooms
3.  Magnesium Supplement on Amazon – Avocados, Legumes, Fish, Flax, Pumpkin & Chia Seeds, Bananas, Leafy Greens.
4.  Ip-6 Phytic Acid  – you can get it as a supplement on Amazon.  It is an Inhibitor of Calcification in the Arteries.  Ip-6 is a chelator meaning cleansing or washing out of Calcium.  A Chart containing foods Highest in Phytic Acid or Ip-6 is in this order Brazil Nuts, Oat Flakes, Almonds, Walnuts, Roasted Peanut, Brown Rice, Lentils, Hazel Nuts  & more.







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