How to Boost an Immune System

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How to boost an Immune System

The Flu is a nasty Virus that simply Drains every piece of energy and Health right out of us.  Paralyzes us from our bodily abilities and Halts our Work Progress.  Sometimes the only energy we have is to walk to the bathroom and back to bed.  People actually Die from it.  So, my mission Now is to Research and collect everything I know on Preventing the Flu and cold and How to Boost an Immune System.  Immunology is the branch of medicine and biology concerned with Immunity.  It can also be described as the Study of Immunity.

The Secrets to Never Getting Sick

There are plenty of remedies and cures for the Flu and Colds.  I will list them here but in the order of my personal experience And which ones are more effective.

Supplements and Food

  • First on my List is Vitamin D  from the sun & we get it in foods like Salmon and eggs.
  • Next on my list is Baking Soda (tip from The 1918 Pandemic Survivor Video below). [4 minutes 30 sec. in below↓]
  • Third is Echinacea.  This is an Herb from an American plant that it’s main Purpose is to increase the immune system.
  • Fourth, I GO with Astragalus a  Perrenial plant Native to China, Mongolia and Korea. An Adaptogen protecting the body from disease and stress.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s used to Treat or Prevent Colds.  Laboratory Evidence suggests it may act against Viruses to combat Flu.
  • Then there is Elderberry Syrup
  • I’d have to say Vitamins C, and Zinc Next
  • Then Goldenseal
  • And Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Probiotics
  • Propolis – Bees make it from the sap of evergreens mixing it with their own beeswax creating this sticky greenish-brown product
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.  Easiest to take in Pill Form !  It has tremendous Bacterial Fighting agents and that is what the Flu( a virus) can Trigger.  Fights against these Serious Bacterial invaders such as Pneumonia(a Bacteria) that can kill.
  • Oregano Leaf in liquid dropper form or supplements

How to Prevent the Flu or Cold

There are many Preventions and Remedies.  We will dive right into The Best Treatment or Treatments for the Flu.  When Younger I had 1-2 Terrible Flu’s every year.  Then I discovered Echinacea.  For 10 Years I did not have a Single Flu or Cold.  Now, just this past Year, I became too Confident and Stopped Echinacea.  Before that I ritually took it.  Guess what ?  I think it’s a No-Brainer folks.  I came down with the most Terrible Flu I ever had.  Some say it was a strain of the Corona.  Believe you me, I will never stop taking it again !  Note: {Do not take it continuously though.}  Careful Where you purchase Echinacea due to some are not the true plant leaves in those pills and some are laced with other ingredients Diluting it.

These are my Picks but you can browse Searching ‘Echinacea’ in Amazon.  Best Recommended Dosage is 1 to 2 capsules (300-400 mg. each) every Two Hours for the first 24-48 hours with the same dosage 4 times a day for 3 days after symptoms disappear.  {I personally take Echinacea throughout all Fall and Winter on Lower Dosages}.

The Range of Recommended Dosage is very Wide.  Some go over 1,000 Mg. per serving or 3,000 mg. per day  Some dosages are only  400 mg. a day.  I venture from this that too much may not hurt you.  Visit my Echinacea Reviews Page for a Closer Look into what this Magical Plant can do for You !

Elderberry Syrup or gummies can boost the immune system for the common cold and “Flu”

What Foods Boost the Immune System ?

  1. Garlic My (garlic review page)
  2. Ginger
  3. Leafy Green Vegetables
  4. Citrus Fruits (my vitamins page especially Vitamin C)
  5. Tea preferably (Ginger Tea)
  6. Mushrooms
  7. Red Bell Pepper
  8. Shell Fish and Oysters
  9. Broccoli
  10. Watermelon
  11. Sweet Potato
  12. Blueberries
  13. Turmeric (Turmeric page)
  14. Sunflower Seeds and Almonds
  15. Elderberries (preferably Black)

If You Currently Have the Flu

Many Weapons of Flu Destruction are out there and simple.  I personally Use Mucinex DM with a very High 1,200 mg. of Guaifenesin to clear us out.  It also has a whopping 60 mg. of Dextromethorphan which is an excellent potency of Cough Suppressant.

Dayquil Severe VapoCool liquid minty taste by Vicks is another product for Cold & Flu.  It Suppresses coughs and clears nasal Really well.

Delsym Cough 12 Hour also good.

How to Prevent from Getting the Flu

Other Methods in How to Boost Your Immune System

I also, run the vaporizer.  Dry air robs our nasal passages of Protecting against Germs and Viruses.

Ibuprofen or an Acetaminophen aspirin is good for pain.   

Halls or Ricola Menthol Cough Suppressant Drops or Lozenges.

Want to get Rid of that Cough for a while ?
      I place a very very thin dab of Vicks VapoRub just below the nose.  After a while, you can clean it off with a wet paper towel if uncomfortable.  Also, Some may rub it on their chest & is very good for clearing out sinuses and Slows Down the Cough Tremendously !

How to Tell the Flu from a Cold

Edna Register Boone talks of Simple Baking Soda saving them from the Spanish flu of 1918 that killed 50 Million people.  Go to 4 minutes and 30 Seconds.  She and her family took it and were the only ones in town that Survived.

Here is the Baking Soda Edna Spoke of to Remedy this Terrible Flu.
Might want to use it with Colds Too.

Corona Virus 2019
Corona Virus 2019

Apple Cider Vinegar for Colds

8 Secrets to Never Getting Sick

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