Best Foods For Prostate Health

There are Many Foods that exhibit Healing properties on How to Shrink the Prostate.  The specific ingredients they hold for Prostate Size-Reducing will be explained.

10 Best Foods to Shrink the Prostate

  1. Watermelon – Also lots of Lycopene to reduce swelling of the Prostate.  Lycopene is an antioxidant that gives whole foods their natural red color.  There is about 9 to 13 mg. of Lycopene in a cup of Watermelon. 
  2. Legumes or beans – High in Zinc
  3. Turmeric  – Helps prevent  Heart  Disease, Alzheimer’s, and Cancer.  Strong Anti-inflammatory.  Arthritis and Depression are diminished.  Best to take at Night just before sleep.

How to Shrink the Prostate Naturally

    How to Shrink the Prostate Naturally

4.  Nuts – High in Zinc

5.  GarlicKyolic garlic Extract is a Top Performer in assisting the Shrinkage of the Prostate

6.   Broccoli    

 7.  Tomatoes Has tons of Lycopene which Lowers Prostate Inflammation.  Lycopene gives the red colored foods their pigment.  So most any red-colored food should have this.  Lycopene is also found in watermelon, apricots, papaya, and pink grapefruit.  Careful of the grapefruit with some medicines.

Top 10 Best Foods Highest in Lycopene
Top 10 Best Foods Highest in Lycopene



They contain Lycopene that cools down inflammation.  Reduces swelling in Sunburn patients.  Knowing this we can conclude the same internal inflammation and swelling enlargement can be Reduced by this Lycopene.

Red Fruit

The richer in color with Pink or Red the fruit is then the more Potent this antioxidant called Lycopene is.  Lycopene reduces inflammation(swelling) in the prostate.  Tomatoes are the Highest.  Also, Watermelon, carrots, apricots, red bell peppers, red cabbage, guava or papaya.

Foods with Omega 3’s

Although Wild Salmon(best) and various fish are talked against from Dr. Esselstyn due to the Oil content, it is Rich in Omega 3’s and Good Cholesterol the body needs.  I have it more often due to the proven Mediterranean Diet and Longevity of People in the French Riviera area.

7 Best Foods for Your Prostate Health

Please watch this video on the #7-best-foods-for-your-prostate-health

Here is a List of the Foods they mention in the Video:

  1. Berries (Blackberries, Strawberries, Raspberries).
    High in Anti-oxidants and Vitamin C.  Anti-oxidants contribute to the fight against Prostate Disease by Protecting Prostate Cells.  Vitamin C aids in Prostate Health by Reducing Prostate Swelling and Helping with Urination.
  2. Green Tea.  
    It’s listed in most Prostate Supplements for better Urine Flow and Decreased Swelling (inflammation). However, I find even the DeCaffeinated ones Persistenly cause me Issues.
  3. Fish especially Wild Salmon.
    There is also Mackerel, Trout, Herrin, and Sardines.  Packed with Omega 3 and 6 fatty Acids.  They hinder the development of Prostate Diseases and Lower High Blood Pressure reducing the risk of Heart Attacks.
  4. Avocados Contain Beta-Sitosterol (pictured below in the supplements).
    It helps Urinary Flow and decreases Inflammation (swelling).  It helps Urinary Flow and decreases Inflammation (swelling).
  5. Bell Peppers Contains more Vitamin C than any other Vegetable known to us.
    Vitamin C greatly inhibits Prostate Cancer.  May reduce Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH (Enlarged Prostate).  Other Vegetables rich in Vitamin C are Kale, Cauliflower, and Brussel Sprouts.
  6. Sesame Seeds and Wheat Germ are the Highest Seed concentration of Phytosterols.
    Phytosterols Reduces Prostate Enlargement(400 mg), close second Pistachios and Sunflowers(280 mg) followed by my favorite Pumpkin Seeds(265 mg).  Zinc especially essential.  Also, contains Zinc essential for Prostate Health.
  7. Broccoli
    Also high in Phytosterols such as Sulforaphane Targets and Eliminates damaged prostate cells without hurting good ones.

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