Cholesterol Lowering Drugs or Statins

These Pills are a Multi-billion $ Dollar industry and prescribed by Doctors to lower Your Cholesterol
meds cholesterol

numbers.  Is lowering your cholesterol necessary for your Health?  Are they safe ? For some, you only need to use them a year or so and if your on a Very strict with diet You

 can gradually Go Off them and still keep a good count.  Although your ‘Count’ is becoming less and less an issue of late.

For others then Heredity takes over and your count is

 mostly high .  We focus on our numbers too much from the Doctor Scare.  Simply try not to do that.  In actuality Lowering the Cholesterol amounts in your body is actually harmful.  Your liver and Brain Greatly Need Cholesterol to function properly.  Guess what they are finding more of since we started taking these Statins a few decades ago ?  Yes, Alzheimer’s where cholesterol is diminished in the Brain and Liver Cancer→Same thing !

       The controversy begins between the knowledge that  your personal cholesterol level does not affect your health but it is within your calcium count that is the culprit.  For cholesterol simply patches the damage done to the artery and vein walls.  This Damage or a rip and tear in the vein and artery walls IS DONE by the wrong foods we eat.  Eat bad→ Cholesterol Repairs.  Eat Good→ Cholesterol has almost nothing to repair.  No Buildup.

As I read more and more about cholesterol then we learn it is not so much the cause as is the calcium buildup from bad eating habits.  Then all the cholesterol does is patch holes.  Reduce

 or eliminate high calcium causing foods and Voila !  You have begun your Journey to an ultimate cure.  This is why my site promotes The Good Foods/Bad Foods Cure to Heart Disease.

Oh, I could promote Cholesterol Pills and make a Very Su

ccessful site here.  This is not my Intent.  I want the Truth be told and I want to Help you.  This can still be a successful site from promoting the proper Nutrition.  Healing begins and Strongly Continues with what we put in our Mouth !

 It is NOT your numbers that the masses are led to believe is the cause of clogged arteries and veins.   Statins Multi-Billion Dollar Industry has us on this belief.  More and more Doctors are realizing we are better off with Healthier  foods and vitamins.  Some high cholesterol is strongly Hereditary and will be high.  These high numbers are becoming less and less of an issue.  Your number is your number and is very individual.  Rather, excellent eating skills are more prominent.  The numbers simply May not go down.  Is it possible to avoid Heart Disease just on Diet and Vitamins Alone ?  Yes.  A multitude of Knowledgeable Doctors believe it is very possible.  Just look at countries who eat well with No Statins.  Heart Disease is almost Non-existent in Japan and China.  France eats Fatty foods but they have smaller portions and eat a lot of Garlic.  Also, Olive Oil but that’s controversial.  U.S. has the highest rate of Heart Disease.  Why ?  Just look what we eat !  Enough said.
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However Guys, You can Choose the Route the Doctors Recommend with the Best Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement.  My Page will be a tremendous guide.

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