What Is Garlic ?

We are seeking just What are the Health Benefits of Garlic and make the following discoveries.  A Superfood with one of the Best Herbal Remedies of Today.  Recommended highly for its many Medicinal properties.  It is closely related to the onion family.  Botanically speaking or talking from the plant origin, Garlic is a vegetable.  However, Garlic is referred to and used more often as a Spice or Herb.
There is no need to fill 1/2 or even 1/4 of your plate with Garlic.  Hence it is like an added Herb or Spice due to its potency.  1-2 cloves a day is very sufficient.

What Can Garlic Do for Me ?

From ancient Egyptians til today Garlic has Fantastic Medical Properties.  It Truly is a Superfood with many uses in treating Colds, the Flu, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Prostate Issues.  Garlic also, Lowers Blood Pressure, Boosts the Immune System, Prevents Cancer, Helps Liver in Cleansing resulting in more Radiant Skin.  It is known to keep Arteries and Blood vessels Wide and prevents Calcium buildup on the walls.

Eat Garlic Raw for best results in protecting your Immune System.  It has Antibacterial and Antiviral properties.  Allicin is looked at as the cold-fighting ingredient in Garlic.  Garlic is Golden on fighting Infections.  Garlic acts as an Herbal Antibiotic for Inflammation.

What are the Health Benefits of Garlic
What are the Health Benefits of Garlic

Antioxidant Advantages

Antioxidants are partly produced in your body and also added to your body as you eat certain plants and some (if you choose) Animal sources.
They help Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Also, reduces Oxidative stress in those with High blood pressure.  The world’s most powerful antioxidant is believed to be in the Allicin ingredient in Garlic.

Garlic and Cholesterol

The Benefits of Garlic in Regulating Cholesterol are some but on a lower scale.  The LDL is somewhat reduced but only minimally.  The good news is that it does have a little redeeming quality to keeping Cholesterol in a Healthy State.  Again, lowering Cholesterol is not the All-in-One answer for a Healthy body.  However, Garlic has Extremely good abilities in Reducing risks of Cardiovascular Disease.  It Prevents plaque from collecting on the Artery Walls and Actually keeps the Arteries and Veins expanded and wide.

How is Garlic Grown ?

The Garlic head is the Bulb of the Garlic plant.  It grows below the earth and acts as an underground storage container for nutrients.  So, upon cold temperatures or a dry period, it can survive on its own reserves.  In the U.S. the city of Gilroy on Christopher Ranch in California is the highest in growth.  However, China grows the Most Garlic in the World.

The actual Garlic is not solely used as the Crop, it is also used as the Seed.  On the Christopher Farm in California, a machine cracks the Bulbs into individual Cloves.  A mechanical planter scatters the cloves across the field.  Roots begin to grow down into the soil from the base of the bulb.  Leaves grow out the top.

Garlic can be eaten straight out of the ground.  However, its rarely sold that way.  Most Garlic goes through a process called curing where it is dried out and stored for a longer time.  The drying process starts in the ground and they stop watering so the leaves go brown.  It’s ready to be Harvested by counting the skins around the Garlic.  A mechanical digger loosens the roots.  Then, the plants are pulled by hand and placed in the sun to dry for 2 weeks.  Being careful to cover the bulbs with the leaves to protect it from Sunburn.

Now, the garlic is picked up one by one and roots and leaves are cut off.  The Garlic Bulbs are placed in Open wooden bins to Dry for another 2 weeks.  Finally, the Garlic is packaged as full heads And skinless Cloves.

Types of Garlic

There are the Soft Neck and Hard Neck types of Garlic.  Hardneck Here in California, the Soft Neck is grown.  Hardneck Garlic has a better taste than their Softneck Relative. They have hard woody central stalks and a flowery stalk that curls usually Twice.  There are from 4 to 12 Cloves in each Bulb.  Hardnecks are spicier than others.  Insects are not a concern due to Garlic’s Sulfer compounds giving it a strong smell work as a natural pesticide.

5 Miracle Cures of Garlic

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Caution:  Garlic may Extend bleeding and blood-clotting time so, consuming Garlic and Garlic Supplements should not be taken before Surgical Procedures or blood-thinning drugs such as Coumadin.

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