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What Can We Eat !  Food is the Most Powerful Drug

This section on Good Food Nutrition should be a Dr.’s Main Line of Study to Reverse Heart Disease with Plant-Based Diets.


Asparagus-Assists in Calcium Absorption that could potentially end up on the vein walls.  Antioxidants, Folate and Fiber. Provides vitamins A, C, and B. 



BeetsBlood vessels are triggered to remain calm and Dilate Wider thus Lowering blood pressure.  More Oxygen and Nutrients are Released Beetsenhancing Circulation and overall Cardiovascular Performance.  Great Anti-inflammatory.


Broccoli – Protects Arteries from Calcium damage.  Protects against Cancers.Vitamins A, C, and especially K for fiber.

Spinach – Healthy Nitrates helps Resist Plaque


Garlic – Helps Dilate Arteries.  Garlic ‘somewhat’ Reduces LDL Bad Cholesterol.  Reduces

lesions in the Arteries.  Coronary calcium calcification is slowed.  Reduces the ability of Platelets to Aggregate, fights Cancer, combats Cardiovascular disease.  Can Reverse plaque and calcium buildup in the arteries and veins.  
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Garlic- Super Food to Clear Arteries

I also have one of my Reviews on the Extract of Garlic

Onions – Adds Sulphur that assists in Cleaning out the Arteries.

Mushrooms – Contains well needed Fiber (beta-glucans) that Increases HDL Good Cholesterol and Lowers LDL Bad Cholesterol 

Carrots –  Lower cholesterol levels and improved eye health and reduced cancers.  Loaded with Vitamin A, Beta-Carotene and Fiber.  Keeps skin healthy and fights infections.


Cauliflower – High in Vitamin C & K.  Protects veins from damage and Lowers Blood Pr


essure. Good for the brain and it rather looks like a brain !

Kale – Lowers Cholesterol which may Reduce the Risk of heart disease.   45% as strong as some Kalecholesterol lowering drugs.  Raises HDL(good cholesterol) by 25% and Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) by 10%.

Plant Based Milks – Soy, Flax, Rice, Hemp, and Almond Milk.  Most are enriched with VitaminMilk and Veggies B12 and Calcium.  Look for the ones Low 

Girl Drinks Milk

in sugar labeled unsweetened preferably(under 10g.) and Low salt preferably (under 100mg. sodium).


Watermelon – Increases Blood Circulation needed to flush away the Plaque in the Arteries.  Lowers levels of LDL (bad) Cholesterol. Helps to Lower toxic Ammonia in the urine. Link to Article




Pomegranate – Significantly Slows hardening of the Arteries.  Stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide.  A chemical likely to open up arteries and keep blood flowing to and from the Heart.




Apples – Raises Good Cholesterol HDL and Lowers Bad Cholesterol LDL.  Binds to Cholesterol and flushes it out of the body.

Tomatoes – {yes a Fruit!} Fiber is high and well needed for heart health.  Contains Lycopene that lowers LDL cholesterol.

Lemons – Detoxifies the Liver,  aidsLemons

in digestion,
promotes Hydration,  improves Skin Quality, supports Weight Loss,  freshens Breath,  Helps Prevent Kidney Stones,  good source of Vitamin C

Oranges – High in Vitamin C, Heal

thy Immune function, lowers cancer

risk, prevents skindamage, keeps blood pressure checked, lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar


Tart and Tangy.  Antibacterial properties treating and preventing infections, gum disease and

Berries Dilate Blood Vessels
Berries Dilate Blood Vessels

stomach ulcers.  Significant amounts of Vitamin C and Antioxidants.

Blueberries – Good for Cardiovascular Health and Dilates blood vessels.  More Vitamin C than Oranges.

Legumes or Beans:

Specifically Natto Beans very High in K2(intercepts calcium from depositing on vein walls) & takes it properly to the bones).Beans

K2 works together with D3.  Vitamin D3 collects the calcium from Cholesterol and hands it off to Vitamin K2.  K2 then delivers the calcium to the proper area in the bones SO that Calcium is not thrown all over the walls of the Veins & Arteries.

Chick Peas:

Another Legume type of bean.


Also called Garbanzo Beans or (Chee Chee) beans.  Loaded with Iron, Fiber and Protein.

Other Items:

Whole Grains are Excellent:

Oatmeal,  Rolled Oats, Steel Cut Oats, Brown Rice, Whole-Wheat or Whole Grain Pasta, Wild Brown Rice, Quinoa, and Whole-Grain Barley.

Whole Wheat Crackers

Whole Wheat Crackers
Whole Wheat Crackers






→  Maple Syrup – Excellent sweetener for Vegans.  Natures Choice grown in our Mother Earth Trees from the ground.

Honey – replaces Sugar and keeps cholesterol Levels in Check.

→  Apple Cider Vinegar Lowers Cholesterol, Enhances Weight Loss, Reduces Blood Pressure, Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

→  Flax Seeds – Helps Flush out Cholesterol.


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