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On October 18, 2020
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Echinacea Reviews

Many Echinacea Reviews are done without Researching through Medical And Clinical Testing Results.  This Review is from Endless Research with Doctors, Nurses, and Experts including my own personal use.  Also, what happens when Not taking it.

Is Echinacea a reliable Immunity Booster for the Flu and Colds?  In this Echinacea Review, I reveal if the Solar Ray Brand, Natures Bounty, and Natures Way Brands of this Immunity Supplement are any good to Boost Your Immune System.  An Immune System needs to be increased for most of us.  Especially without much sun in the Winter months.  Read on !

What is Echinacea

A Native North American Flowering plant.  Native American Indians used them as their Traditional Medicines.  It has the capacity to Stimulate and Boost the Immune System from the Common Cold or Flu.  Studies Reveal it Raises the amount of White Blood Cells that Fight Infections. 

Echinacea is used to treat a multitude of Ailments.  These include Upper Respiratory Viral Infections, Vaginal Yeast Infections, and Skin wounds and Ulcers (topical), Blood Sugar, Anxiety, and anti-cancer properties.  Commonly referred to as Echinacea Purpurea grown right here in North America.  It is known as a Botanical, Phytomedicine, Or in other words an Herbal Product for Medicinal Purposes. 

Echinacea Supplement
Echinacea Supplement

Who is Echinacea For

Anyone seeking to avoid the next Cold or Flu by Boosting their Immune System.  Reduces Your Chances of Catching a Cold or Flu and possibly shorten the Duration of a Cold or Flu.  Additionally, Upper Respiratory Infections can be treated Effectively.  

How to Take Echinacea

Depending on the dosage you should take 1 to 3 capsules a day.  IF you take the full dose, just take it for about 10 days but no more than 8 weeks then Break for a few weeks to a month.  I personally prefer to take a third 1/3 of the dose continuously throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Lower Dosages if you like Continual Longer Term.
However, in Winter I take the full recommended dosage starting the Beginning of December throughout January or 8 weeks.  I then stop for a month and do a few more weeks up to 8 weeks Max.  Our Immune System lowers during the Winter due to lack of sunshine in some areas and the Flu season Beginning. 

  Although Echinacea does not have any solid drug interactions, we must be Aware to Look for Possible interactions and adverse effects.  Ten Days is a safe time frame to take Echinacea if you have an acute illness.  Up to 8 weeks for Most people then off Two weeks. 

When Should You Use Echinacea

I start on only a third of the dose First day of Spring thru Summer.  As Winter approaches say the beginning of December I Up-it to Full Strength for a few weeks up to a Max of 8 weeks then Break off it for a weak or two.  It’s not good to use Echinacea long term to avoid an upset stomach or over-immunizing.  It has very few side effects but Experts say it’s Safer not to continually use it for Long Periods.

The Echinacea Review

Echinacea has been known to reduce the risks of catching colds upwards and above 50%.  A significant Cut in the duration of having a cold by almost 2 full days.

There are studies of course that Negate this.  However, I am a proven Laboratory of Echinacea usage.  I mean I used to get 2 flu’s a year for most of my life.  I Discovered Echinacea and for a decade or more I never caught a cold.  Not once.  Last year was the year before the Covid-19.  I ‘got’ lazy and thought I was immune now.  So, I stopped taking it.  Well, folks, I am here to tell you the Year of the Covid-19 appeared on my doorstep and I caught the most Horrifying Flu You could Imagine.  I could almost barely make it to the kitchen and back is how weak I was.  Coughing, Fever, Throbbing Headache, Bad Sinus trouble, and Pain Everywhere.  I swear pain was in my little pinky.

Echinacea Flower
Echinacea Flower

Covid-19 ?  It may have been but I just mark it down as just another bad Flu.  Moral of the Story ?  Take it, People.  Despite only a few negative reviews, I am here to tell you it Works.  It is an Immunity Booster, Plain and Simple.

My Echinacea Story  

Every year of my life I always came down with a Bad Flu.  One day I discovered this plant we are discussing.  Yes ! Echinacea.  After that, I did Not have even a sniffle for 10 Years.  Well, last year I guess I became too Confident or Lazy.  However, I stopped my Echinacea.  Can you guess what Happened ?  Yes.  The most Awful Flu of my Life.  So bad I could barely walk to the kitchen.  Here’s my 2nd Question.  What do you think I’m doing THIS year ?  Oh, Yeah !  I’m taking this Supplement.  You bet.  I take it along with Baking soda where I talk about the 1918 Pandemic Survivors who took it. 

Echinacea Pros

Anti-Viral abilities to Prevent Colds and the Flu.  Evidence reveals any risk of Reactions between most medications and  Echinacea supplements is very low.

Echinacea Cons

Continual Use (although very Rare) may Cause Upset Stomach, Nausea, Dizziness, or Rash.  Cannot take it Continually for it may overstimulate the Immune System.

              Doctors Conclusion on Echinacea

Echinacea (Echinacea Purpurea) has Immune System Supportive Properties.  Amazingly, it has Direct Anti-Viral abilities to fight colds and Flu such as Viral Bronchitis.
Combining both Flowering Tops and the Root makes it very capable for the body to Combat Viruses.  Proof is it Increases Your White Blood Cell count, which allows your body to Fight Infections.
Echinacea works Very Well for the Immune System.  Those with Autoimmune Disease should take it Randomly.  Short term use is Rich in Alkylamides with anti-inflammatory benefits and not problematic but rather Beneficial.

Best Echinacea Supplement
Solar Ray Organically Grown Echinacea


    1. Questions often Asked or FAQ

      What are the Benefits of Echinacea ? 

      • Helps Boost an Immune System to Fight the Flu and Colds.

      Is it Safe to take Echinacea Daily ? 

      • Only if taking a third of the dose.  However, most Doctors advise an On/Off method say On a few weeks up to 8 weeks Max.  Then Off it for a few weeks.

      What are the Side Effects of taking Echinacea ?

      • Stomach Ache, Nausea, Dizziness, or Rash.
        Long term Usage sometimes but Unlikely may possibly result in Hepatotoxicity and Immunosuppression.

      Is Echinacea Truly Effective ?

      • The Extracts of Echinacea are Highly Likely Effective for Boosting the Immune System, your body’s defense against germs and Viruses.  White blood cells Increase which Heightens Your Defense against Infections.  This Herbal Remedy also has a mild benefit in preventing colds.





Pill Size





  • Anti-Viral Abilities
  • Prevents Colds and Flu
  • Reactions to Medications Low


  • may cause upset stomach
  • Avoid continual use

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