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On November 18, 2019
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Scott Beattie Medical Researcher  by Scott Beattie

Vitamin D3 is Key with the Dissolving of Calcium Buildup in the Veins and Arteries.  Used in Conjunction with Vitam

Vitamin D3 vs. Calcium
Vitamin D3 vs. Calcium

in K2, we have a combinational Power for holding off Cholesterol from Patching damaged walls with Calcium Buildup.

What is Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is at it’s strongest absorbed in the Skin from the Sun.The Sun

Vitamin D3 from the SunSo, in the Winter we need extra Help through foods Rich in Vitamin D3 or Supplemental Vitamins.

Who is Vitamin D3 For

Anyone Deficient in their blood count and/or people in Winter and cloudy areas.  Also, for those wishing to keep Arteries and Veins free of Calcium buildup.

How to Take Vitamin D3 

Definitely with Vitamin K2 !  They work hand in hand collecting and guiding Calcium Away from the Arteries and To the Bones as they should.  D3 collects Calcium and delivers it to K2 that travels it to the bones.  400-800 IU’s Recommended but 1,000 is Fine especially in Winter cloudy areas.  However, some studies say up to 4 or 5,000 IU’s (25-1,000 mcg’s) to be most effective.

When Should You Use Vitamin D3

Every day of your life to ensure the prevention of Calcium buildup.  Preferably in the morning.

Vitamin D3 supplement
Vitamin D3 supplement

Vitamin D3 Review

Collects unwanted Calcium and Directs it to K2 who travels it Properly to the bones and teeth avoiding Artery Buildup.

Vitamin D3 Pros

Maintains Health of Bones and Teeth along with keeping Arteries clean of Calcium Buildup.  Highest concentration in the Sun. Fish especially Salmon is Great with Eggs an excellent source in moderation.

Vitamin D3 Cons

D3, unfortunately, comes mainly from Animals that we should avoid eating. They tend to clog arteries.

Doctors Conclusions on Vitamin D3

  Helps Regulate Calcium Levels.  Lowers Risk of Rickets, Type 1 Diabetes, MS among others.  Fights Infection and Helps in Weight Loss.  Mainly Increases Immune system thus in Winter when we have Low D3 counts we get Flus!
Vitamin D3

Many links between Low Vitamin D levels and higher risks of Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Prostate Enlargement.  I have a page on Vitamins for Prostate Health.

Vitamin D3




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  • Maintains Healthy bones & Teeth
  • Removes Plaque in Arteries
  • Excellently absorbed through the Skin in Sunny Areas


  • Must be Used with Vitamin K2
  • D3 Depletes in Cloudy Regions

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