Prostate Steam Treatment

We will explore the modern wonders of our Current Health Technologies with Prostate Steam Treatment.  Here we discover a new low invasive very Safe and short procedure to eliminate expanded Prostate cells blocking the urinary flow.  Later Investigate comparisons of What Exactly is the Best and which ones are good for different individual needs.

The Prostate is a gland that produces fluid for the semen to be stored in.   Not much is really needed from this prostate and its fluid.  All it does is move the semen through the system a little better.  Actually, without a prostate, You can function very well.

Water Vapor Therapy Is a procedure that enables steam vapor to “jet-out” Prostate tissue leaving no more prostate.  Your body Naturally washes away dead prostate cells leaving an open canal to urinate much better.  There are literally no Side effects and urine flow returns very close to Your youthful years.  Very short and easy Treatment with the actual Procedure taking all but 5 to 15 minutes at most.

Getting Ready for Rezum (Aquablation Steam Water Therapy).


Urolift vs Rezum Prostate Steam Treatment

Comparisons into Which Prostate removal Treatment is best for which individual is our topic today.

Upon further Research results generally, (depending on the individual), Favor Urolift with faster urinary improvement, sexual function returns, speedy recovery times, and regular lifestyle is returned.

Experiences patients see in studies comparing Urolift treatment for (BPH) benign prostatic hyperplasia as ones undergoing Rezum injection with steam recently was reviewed.  Final outcomes revealed quick positive results Following the Urolift treatment.  Back to back Analysis between Rezum and Urolift uncovers that Urolift has an excellent lasting relief of symptoms in addition enabling a quicker return to lifestyles for a normal good quality of life.

This is a study with dozens of men who received treatment for their BPH with both Urolift and Rezum steam injections.  Rezum was compared to Urolift with Urolift’s out-performing  Rezum.  Better functions sexually, daily activities not disruptive, and an increase in patient satisfaction.

Two times as many patients receiving Urolift as opposed to Rezum say they are free of the catheter after 3 days or about 93% whereas Rezum only 45%.  After 30 days symptoms were 45% better with Urolift than Rezum.

We measure Recovery and Satisfaction  along with Catheterization rates, Symptom Responses and Patient Experience after 2 months.

Satisfaction Rates with Urolift were at 83% Whereas Rezum had a Satisfaction Rate of 65%.  Also, Urolift’s Urinary Symptoms Improved by 97% with Rezum coming in at 70%’.  Returning to Your Normal Daily Routine with a faster Recovery with Minimal Downtime is something Urolift has.

Besides TURP,  Options for surgical treatments that are newer are all good.  Nevertheless, Faster urinary improvements, maintaining sexual abilities, little recovery times, and going back to a normal way of Life seem to lean toward Urolift.


Rezum’s Pluses

  • Quick Procedure or less than 15 minutes
  • No need for General Anesthesia only Local Anesthesia is usually the Preference performed.
  • Pills are Gone !  Medications stopped like Flomax, Finasteride, Rapaflo, and Uroxatral.
  • Erection & Sexual side effects eliminated.
  • Most Guys say they have No ejaculation difficulties after Rezum.
  • If Rezum does not Satisfy its Known Benefits there is still the ability for other Procedures to be Performed.  Other Treatments are very Possible even though Rezum partially destroys some of the Prostate tissue.
  • FInally, Rezum is far more Beneficial than Medications such as tamsulosin(Flomax), Finasteride, Uroxatral or alfuzosin, doxazosin. or tarazosin.
  • Greater than 90 percent of patients leave their medications after having the Rezum procedure.

Rezum’s Minuses

Rezum only has a few Limitations.  For instance,  prostrates more than 90 to 100 grams cannot have the procedure done.

Prostates that are smaller or medium size react with more positive Results.

Taking Anticoagulants must Stop before any Rezum Procedures are undertaken.

Inflammation can occur without the catheter in place.  Urine flow may be obstructed without the catheter in place.

In some to only a few cases after the initial surgery,  repeat treatment after say 4-5 years is a slight possibility.

Prostrates in only a minority of cases that grow again May have to be repeated since it is not a very invasive treatment.

If You decide to go with some Prostate Products besides these treatment Procedures.

The Prostate Supplement Route

If  Your going the Prostate Supplement Route then after using Every possible one The Best one Working for me is Stinging Nettles.  Or go to my article on this site called Best Prostate Supplements.

Best Prostate Supplements
Best Prostate Supplements

More on the Technical Side

These Various Treatments depend upon the size of the prostate, and what direction it is growing among others.  So, Some Guys may benefit from Rezum as opposed to Urolift or other treatments for BPH.

More technical terms such as “liable lobe hypertrophy”.  Urolift is more effective here.  A different term where the “Median Lobe”is concerned, Then REZUM is a better alternative Treatment for eliminating and destroying that  median lobe.

Also, if the “Lateral Lobe” is blocked at the neck of the bladder the Again REZUM is the Choice.

Another term being the “Distal Lateral Lobe” being obstructed then Urolift is the better choice.

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