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On August 29, 2020
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Prostate Support to Reduce Size and Inflammation of the Prostate

Does ProstaGenix Really Work as a Reliable Prostate Supplement ?  We Uncover the Honest facts and Compare this ProstaGenix Review and its Ingredients to a few other Best Prostate Supplements.  Keep Going !
We will see if Our Goal can be met by obtaining a reduced Prostate Size.  Can We also widen the Urethral channel for a Healthier Urine Flow ?  Read on.

I have a Very Well-Researched Page on Shrinking the Prostate Naturally.
Here Ya Go ! To Prostate Health
Here You Go
to Prostate Health

What is ProstaGenix

A Sterol-Based Prostate Supplement that commonly eases Urinary Symptoms of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH).  Sterols make the Urinary track slicker and supposedly wider to allow a freer and easier flow out of the bladder.  It is Not a Drug but a Natural Supplement.  Meets all FDA Regulations and has no known Reactions with Medications.
The Key Ingredient is Beta-Sitosterol selected from a very Potent source in (Landes Forest, France).  This term refers to 1,000 mg. of these Sterol mixtures.  First & Only Supplement with  Campesterol, Stigmasterol, & Brassicasterol all included in this one !  Also, 800 mg. being BetaRexin Sterols.
In addition, ProstaGenix contains Vitamin D3, Potassium,

ProstaGenix Supplements
ProstaGenix Supplements

Iodide, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Amino Acids, Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate, & Quercetin.

Who is ProstaGenix for

An all Natural Prostate Healer that Significantly Lessens Night-time Urination, Lowers Urgency to go, Bladder empties more Completely, & Romance can be Rekindled.  A very non-aggressive slow cancer may happen IF the Prostate goes untreated.   It takes many years untreated but Supplemental help is Beneficial.

How to take ProstaGenix

Recommended 3 Times a day.

When Should You Use ProstGenix

Optionally with meals with a full glass of water, Vegetable milk, or a healthy drink.  Throughout the course of the day Optionally with meals.

The ProstaGenix Review

Rated #1 by Urologist Experts in the field for many years.  This one is a Sterol-Based Prostate Supplement.  Sterols Broaden the Urinary Canal and Results in a more slippery surface and a wider diameter. This gives a Stronger Flow and fully emptying more urine out of the bladder.
This is one of the Highest Concentrations of Beta-Sitosterol on the market Today.
Within 30-45 days You will see the most significant Impact.  However, some can take longer up to 90 days.  The Longer You Take ProstaGenix the Greater Rewards you’ll see Pay-off.  Money-back guarantee on This One if no results in 90 days.

Reduces Inflammatory Molecules in the Prostate.

There are Receptors of “Beta-Sitosterol” in Your Prostate.  If You Consistantly consume this Highly Potent Sterol from ProstaGenix it then is absorbed by the Prostate.  Now the Prostate accumulates more existing Beta-Sitosterol helping to Shrink Down the size.   To the Extent of an 18 year old.  Therefore, Pressure is released from the Urethra for normal urination.   Night trips might end for good So You Sleep throughout the whole Night !

Trivia: A few Celebrities that have had Prostate troubles include Frank Sinatra, & Johnny Carson.

ProstaGenix Pros

An Extremely good mixture of 4 Different Sterols.  Money-Back Guarantee.

ProstaGenix Cons

The Initial Results of 30 days may extend to 90 for more Stubborn Prostates.

My Conclusions on ProstaGenix

Many Report very good Results.  I Like that it is FDA Approved and Little To No Side effects if any at all.  May be taken with Medications.  I would take this one for the Shear multiples of many Sterols.  I haven’t seen Combinations of them in other brands.

Prostagenix Ingredients
Prostagenix Ingredients
ProstaGenix Supplements
ProstaGenix Supplements


Some facts concerning amounts in the Ingredients:

The Sterol Mix

  • Beta-Sitosterol  824 mg.
  • Campesterol  77.2 mg.
  • Stigmasterol  7.6 mg.
  • Brassicasterol

Other Ingredients

  • Cholesterol Less than 0.02 mg.Polyphenol blend (grape seed & pomegranate Extracts, Quercetin)  300 mg.
  • Vitamin D3 400 IU (about 10 mcg.)
  • Zinc  15 mg.
  • Copper  2mg.
  • Silicon  10 mg.
  • Boron  3 mg.
  • Manganese  2 mg.
  • Iodine  150 mcg.
  • Selenium  70 mcg.
  • Molybdenum  75 mcg.
  • Chromium  120 mcg.

Frequently asked Questions ?

Is ProstaGenix any Good ?

A very Safe History with No known side effects.  It is Not a drug.  The Longer you take ProstaGenix the more effective Outcomes are Realized. This is based on Clinical Data and customer use.

How Long Does it take ProstaGenix to Work ?
Some have boasted Results in the First 2 Weeks but most guys see the gains around a month to 6 weeks.

Here is a Visual of What the Prostate looks like and Where it is.
Prostate Support to Reduce Size and Inflammation of the Prostate





Pill Size





  • Quality Product
  • 4 Blends of Sterols
  • Widens Urinary Canal


  • Saw Palmetto missing
  • Stinging Nettle missing

2 thoughts on “ProstaGenix Review”

  1. For a month over, I’ve taken this supplement to ease my constant want for urination during the day and night. It also does help when I’m traveling by air too.
    After the operation of my prostate by a hospital, I was not given medicine to ease urination but the doctor wanted to do another operation on me but I refused his request and told him that I will find and alternative.
    Today, I’m still using this supplement and will continue using it.

    • Hi Sebastian,
      Intermittent fasting is good. Stop eating after 3 to 6 p.m. no snacks between meals. ! At the core of this BPH Prostate Enlargement, is Cortisol which creates Estrogen. This Estrogen is what we want to Diminish for it is the cause of the Enlarging and ballooning of the Prostate. Many supplements and foods do the trick. I will name them: Top of my list is Stinging Nettle and take more than recommended, Next are Green Vegetables especially Broccoli, Cauliflower, Bressel Sprouts, and Kale, Then, Vitamin D found in Salmon and also a triple strength Omega-3 fish-oil Keep. Zinc is good too for the Prostate is mainly made up of Zinc. DO not eat red meat or sugar, very little alcohol And No Caffeine at all. THere is a very non-invasive procedure called Aquablation or Water Steam Treatment sometimes called Rezum. 5 minue procedure where they “Jet-Out” the prostate tissue. Another alternative………Scotty B ♫


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