How to Starve Cancer Cells

Simply Stated Right Quick is Stay Away from Sugar.  Maple Syrup or Honey are good Alternatives but don’t go Hog Wild on the Stuff.   

There are certain Foods when eaten can have Miraculous Healing Effects and Remedies against Cancer.

Possibility of Cancer Surviving greatly diminished in Your Body if You Eat These certain Foods.

Studies have shown these following foods can Immensely Heighten Your chances of eliminating Prostate Cancer from your body.  Blend these into a Juicer or Blender to combine the efforts of these vegetables.
#1.   Beets –    50 %
#2.  Celery –   25 %
#3.  Carrots – 25%

I see many repeat articles mentioning Pomegranate, Flaxseeds, and Olive Oil for Prostate Cancer Treatment.


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